New Massive Facebook Data Center In Arctic Region

The Social networking giant has recently come up with a plan to build a massive data center near the Arctic Circle.

The new data center is a real massive one which is going to be built in the city of Lulea in Sweden which is 70miles away from the Arctic circle.
The complete blue print for the new data center in ready for Facebook to begin its construction this year(2011).

Specifications of the Massive data center:
1. Three buildings in total.
2. A total area of 33,000 Square yard.
3. Seven times the size of a football ground.
4. Data centers will be operated by “Hydro-electricity”.
5. Dual redundant substations of Sweden strong electricity grid for power backup and failure.

Expected completion year: Year 2012

Why is it built near the Arctic circle and city of Lulea, Sweden?
The cold weather of the Arctic region and the cool city of Lulea is going to keep the data centers cool always. Sweden is a good source of renewable energy.
Sweden is ranked first in technology readiness in Europe, technology quality, broadband quality and broadband penetration. Sweden has a well developed infrastructure for technology towards renewable energy and electricity power planning.

Good news: Facebook is expected to hire new staffs for its new data center in the year 2012. Building 1 and 2 will be occupied by 30 full time employees.

The new gigantic data center by Facebook using Hydroelectricity is due to the criticism  by Greenpeace for consuming too much of electricity from coal-burning power plants by Facebook.

Thanks to Facebook for making this gigantic and massive data center run by renewable energy. This is going to be a good step forward by Facebook in the IT space towards a green data center.

Hope you liked the article on the latest news from Facebook on building these data centers. Your comments are welcome.

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