How To Create Adsense Ad Code? | Create And Place Adsense Ad Code For Your Site


1. Log in to your Google Adsense account.

2. Go to “My ads” tab. (You will be under “Ad units“) – you are at the right place.

> Custom channel is used to “Target ads” by the advertisers. You can create a new one to track the performance of the same. Or this can be left blank.

4. Under “Ad Style“, click on “Use Custom Settings” — This is important to make the ads similar to the text in your web-site or blog. Blend the ads according to your needs.

5. Once everything is code, you can click on “Save and get code”. The next pop up will show you the Adsense ad code which can be placed anywhere on the website or Blogger blogs as well.

Click on the Image Below:

Copy the FULL code generated from Adsense to Ad code Generator and click on “Convert” to get the new code to be placed in your blog or site.


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