How To Remove Multiple Labels On New Blogger

By Vinod Suthersan → Saturday, November 5, 2011

How To Remove Multiple Labels On New Blogger
Today we will see a small tutorial on how to remove multiple labels on Blogger.

There are so many pro bloggers on the Blogosphere, but there are novice bloggers out there as well. I hope it would help them :-)
There are times when you may need to remove or apply multiple labels at a time on Blogger. Don't panic, here is the method to go ahead.

We know that the Blogger has updated to a new interface, there are not new Blogger tutorial on removing multiple labels for Blogger.

This tutorial is for new Blogger interface!!!!

Lets go to the steps to follow..
1. Go to New Blogger Dashboard > Select the Blog where you want to remove the labels.

2. Go to Posts > Select all the posts. Follow the picture:
3. Under the "Remove label" section, you can select the label which you can to remove for the posts.
You are done!!! You have already removed multiple posts at one shot.

Thanks for reading this tutorial.

Karan Vyas

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