How To Hide Blogger Post From Appearing on Home Page?This trick explains us how to hide a post from appearing on the home page.

Completely hiding a post from Blogger has been a great challenge to many bloggers. Though, it is possible by using some conditional tags. But, we are not going to look on how to hide the post using conditional tags. Because, using conditional tags can put some weight to the loading time of the overall blog. We will see a simple method to hide the Blogger post from appearing on the home page.

Though, this method is known to many people already. This is to show bloggers who don’t know this method yet. This trick makes the post go into the past and hides it from appearing on the front page or home page of your blog.

Steps to hide Blogger posts from Appearing on Front Page:

Step 1: Go to Blogger > Select the blog > Click “New Post
Note: This is the new post which is not going to appear on the home page of your blog.

Step 2: After typing in your article, don’t hit publish. Go to “Schedule” > Click “Set date and time” [you get a calender] > Go into past and select some date and time and hit “Done” > Click on “Publish“.

Schedule on Blogger

Hide the old Blogger posts as well

Note that, you can even hide the already posted Blogger posts. Follow all the steps by editing the old post and hit update.

These tricks are already known to many. We will learn some advanced tricks to hide in the future posts. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading this small trick. Enjoy.


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