Tutorial explains how to display the Adsense for search results within the Blogger blog. Display the Adsense search results within your blog without driving the traffic away.

Google Adsense Search For BloggerAdsense for search is a good feature from Google Adsense team wherein you can search for something within the site and display the search results as well as some ads. This tutorial give a step by step insight on how to install the “Adsense for search” on your Blogspot and display the results within the site.

Objective of this tutorial:

1) Create a Google Search Button with Adsense Configured.

2) Display the search results within the Blogger blog itself.

3) Create an empty static page to display search results with ads.

Advantage of this method on your blog:

1) Retaining the traffic within the site.

2) Giving an option for a better custom search for the site and the visitors.

3) Some more Adsense impressions and clicks via search results.

Things you need:

1) Your website where Adsense is approved.

2) A static empty page.

3) Adsense Search Code.

4) Adsense Search Box Code.

IMPORTANT: Know the “Adsense for Search Policy” FAQs before proceeding.

Steps to Display Adsense Search Within Blogger Site:

Create A Page For Search To Display:

Eg from my site: http://www.itechcolumn.com/p/search-results.html

Learn how to style the static page from Note: The search results function the best on 800px width.

Create Adsense Search Box Code and Adsense Search Code:

Go to “My Ads” > Click “Search” > Click “Custom Search Engines

Custom search

Click “Fill out all the required details -Choose the search box style, The ad style to be displayed when someone searches, and finally under the “Search Results” tab do the following settings:

Search Results

Replace “http://www.yourblog.com/p/your-static-page.html” with your static page URL.

Once done, click on “Save and get the code“.

Installing the Adsense for Search on Blogger:

a) b) Search Results Code

I’ve placed my search box code on the sidebar HTML/JavaScript widget and also on my Search static page.

>>Place/paste the “Search Results Code” to the HTML section of the static empty page you just created.
Update the standalone page again. You are set to go!!!

Hope you liked this tutorial. Enjoy retaining your traffic within your Blogger blog for some more time.Stay tuned for more updates.


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