This article is an insight of some of the best internet security suites available for 2013. Reviewing the best Internet Security software is always useful to the ever growing internet security, here is one for you.

Internet is growing a very fast space, simultaneously the usage is doubling every year. The risk involved in the usage is high in this modern century. Software companies are creating amazing software and suites to tackle the security hazards from the usage of Internet, not just to big firms but also to individual users.

Internet Security Suites

Basically, Internet security is a branch in computer science where you deal with the browser securities, network securities, security for the operating system and for other applications installed in a PC or Server. The science of Internet Security basically is to deal the attacks on the online world. The security on the internet is supported using Antivirus software, Firewalls and the like. Nowadays, this is also achieved using the Alfred E. Neuman approach to cyber-security.

Here is the list of the best “Internet Security Software for 2013″

10) BullGuard Internet Security 2013

Founded in: Copenhagen, Denmark 2002

Key Features:


Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Spamfilter, Backup,
Inspector, Gaming Mode, 5GB online storage, 24/7 Support


9) G-Data Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: BochumGermany

    Key Features:


    Safe Surfing, Safe shopping, Safe emailing & chatting, Virus, Protection against spyware
    Safe online banking, Block spam, protection against hacking, parental controls, data recovery,
    Data backup, Security tuning


    8) ESET Smart Security 5

    Founded in: BratislavaSlovakia

    Key Features:


    Parental Control, Anit-Phising, Anitsapm, Firewall, Removable media control functions,
    Gamer mode, HIPS, Cloud based reputation service.


    7) Avast Internet Security 7

    Founded in: Prague, Czech Republica

    Key Features:


    Antivirus, Antispyware engine, Anti-rootkit protection, File System/Mail Shield, Web Shield,
    IM/P2P Shield, Network Shield, Behavior Shield, Script Shield,
    AVAST cloud, FileRep & WebRep, Remote assistance, AutoSandbox, SafeZone,
    Command-Line Scanner, Silent Firewall, Antispam.


    6) F-Secure Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: HelsinkiFinland

    Key Features:


    Anti-Emali Phishing, Anitvirus, Anti-Malware, Firewall, Intrusion prevention,
    Identity protection tool, Parental control, Site blocks, Utilize minimal resources by running
    in the background, Scheduled scans, Game mode.


    5) Norton Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: CaliforniaUS

    Key Features:


    Norton Safe Web, Antiphishing, Smart Two-way Firewall, Location awareness,
    Vulnerability protection, Antivirus, Confidential file guard, Daily protection updates, Email
    and instant message monitoring, Free 24×7 support, Mac OS protection


    4) AVG Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: Czech Republic

    Key Features:


    Antivirus, Anti-Phishing, Anit-malware, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit,
    Web Shield, Security toolbar, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Identity protection, System tools protection.


    3) Panda Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: DurangoSpain

    Key Features:


    Innovative cloud based technology for 100% protection, 20 Language support, Powerful
    Reactive tool, 2GB online backup, Remote administration, Identity protection and all other
    major protection features inclusive.


    Panda Security is giving head to head competition against Internet security majors like Kaspersky, Symantec Corp and McAfee Inc and Trend Micro. They have recently been ranked 3rd in the detection rate. In the past 5 years, Checkvir has tested them continuously and they have received “Standard” in all the test and “Advanced” rating twice.

    2) Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: MoscowRussia

    Key Features:


    Anti-Malware, Anti-Email Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Data leaks,
     Proactive Behavioral monitoring System, Safe Banking feature, and much more with 100%
    Internet security.


    1) BitDefender Internet Security 2013

    Founded in: BucharestRomania

    Key Features:


    100% protection on Social networking sites, Privacy Protection, 100% proactive and
    awake, Protects invisible attacks, Rescue mode, Parental Control, Autopilot, Worry free
    socializing, Chat encryption, Scan dispatcher, Vulnerability scanner, Virtualized browser,
    Two-way firewall, and much more.


    The world’s most powerful Internet security software and has been constantly retaining the top stop for years now. They have a strong history of high ratings on their protection testings. 
    This is all we have about the world’s best Internet security tools which has enabled us hundred percent protection on the online world.


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