So you’re looking into creating your own webpage – you have the perfect idea for what it will be about, the perfect layout that you envisioned and all the resources you need for the information you want to provide. But do you know what the do’s and don’ts of web page designing really are? Many people make very common mistakes when designing their sites.

Do’s and Don’ts – The way to the perfect web page

One of the main DON’TS  in designing your page would be to NOT use page counters – all you’re really doing is making yourself look like an amateur while messing with the design you worked so hard on, and probably give information to people you didn’t want them to know. If you really want to know how many people view your site, just ask your host for server stats. One of the most important DO’s in designing your page would be to make sure that the titles on your web page make sense – your title is one of the core attributes of you web page. People tend to pay attention to the titles. Say you want to create a page on how to take care of German Shepherd dogs and you perhaps have a dog named Jesse, don’t title your page “Taking care of Jesse and his furry friends”, make it specific and add a title like “How to take care of a German Shepherd”.

Also, DON’T force people to have to download a new browser/special plug in to see your site – unless you have the kind of site that people are dying to see, why limit your audience because you want to use some “special” features, and DON’T create chat rooms – nobody really cares about a chat room, and there is nothing worse than having a chat room that is always empty because no one cares. What you should definitely DO is make sure that the structure of your web pages is consistent, check out this site for Jack Gold for a good example of consistent page design – don’t decide to create different structures for pages within the same website because you’re bored, people like consistency. Also, DO make images that look like buttons, work like buttons, and not look like them but do something else.

There are many other Do’s and Don’ts in the world of effective webpage design, so be sure to research them as much as you can. The more you know the better you will be at creating quality sites.

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