3 Highlights Of Google Panda 3.5 Update

April 19, 2012 saw a Google Update Refresh – the version 3.5 which focuses on spamy websites, over-optimization and keyword stuffings. This update gets a new name – The Penguin Update.
3 Highlights Of Google Panda 3.5 Update

Many webmasters saw reshuffling of website ranks recently. This was due to a quite Google Panda update, which is the version 3.5. Am happy to announce that this Panda update was favorable to my website which attained the PR 3 yesterday.

This article highlights the recent Google panda update 3.5.

Read about Google Panda 3.4 which affected many websites.

The recent Panda Refreshes:

1. April 19, 2012 – The actual Google Panda 3.5 refresh began.
2. April 24, 2012 – Google’s Webspam algorithmic update.[Rewarding Quality Websites]

Noticed a drop in Page Ranks(Rankings)?:

This algorithmic change was a mistake from Google. Google unintentionally assumed that your domain is parked. This change happened actually happened much before the actual panda update. It refreshed on April 16, 2012. Many assumed this was the “Over-optimization Penalty” algorithmic update.

3 Highlights of Google Panda 3.5 Update:

1. The Over-Optimization Algorithm or Penalty – The Main update – Google always optimizing your websites constructively will help in the search rankings and traffic. But, now Google says no to over-optimizing your websites.
3% of the overall searches have been affected after this update.
This update is also called “webspam algorithm update“.
Your site may be wiped off the Google search index.
Here is the news on Yahoo.

2. Keyword stuffing, Spun articles, and Content Spams penalized – Matt Cutts gives a screen shot of what this means on the insidesearch blog.

This is again an extension of the “Over-optimization penalty algorithm”. This update is mainly focused for the websites with high quality to come first on the search engines and to wipe off the spamy websites off search engines.

3. Say no to Black Hat SEO and Welcome White-Hat SEO – Google says that people doing the black Search Engine Optimization on their websites see a remarkable change than webmasters doing it the white hat way. This Panda update is being tweaked to help the White Hat SEO. Black hat SEO are being penalized.

Google recommends us to go through the webmaster guidelines for quality contents on website. This Panda update might have dropped your site down or lifted it much higher. Google says that focus on quality again and again to make things your way.

Some recovery tips:

Note: Before going through the tips, make sure your site has been hit by analyzing the webmaster traffics, by searching keywords from your site and so on.

1. Verify on Google Webmaster account – The first step for you if you have not verified your website using Google Webmaster account. Suggest you to verify your website so that you say Google that your site is not a spam and you are the authorized owner of the website.

2. File a reconsideration to Google – Google offers you to file a reconsideration if you think it was a mistake or if you feel everything has been corrected on your website. This consideration may help or may not, because Penguin update is an algorithm and manual verifications may not be possible always.

3. You think Google is wrong – Get help from the Google Webmaster Forums. Someone from the Google webmaster team might come to the rescue. Explain the quality of your site and your content on the forum. Make sure everything is okay with your site before asking for help.

4. Recover from Over-Optimization – Make the changes to all your pages and website and wait for Google to re-crawl your site and to remove the spamy flag from your website. This might take weeks and even months until you notice the change.

Hope you are not the affected one on the recent Panda update. Stay tuned with more updates from the world of Internet. Thanks for learning from iTechColumn.


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