4 Simple Image SEO Tips For Blogger

4 Simple Image SEO Tips For Blogger

Images are a very important part of any website. Visitors get a nice impression after getting some glimpses of images on the website. As images play an important role for the visitors, it also plays some part when it comes to traffic.
Believe me, Images can drive a huge amount of traffic from organic searches if they are nicely optimized. SEO is a very crucial part for images as well. Most of us try to optimize the content on the site for better SEO, but forget to optimize images.

We know that Blogger has introduced some advanced SEO features recently. We forgot that, it has introduced SEO feature for images as well. Good news!!!!
Now, it is easy time optimizing the images on Blogger. Thanks to Blogger!!

4 Simple Image SEO Tips For Blogger:

1. Add Alt and Title Tags to images:

Before this was a difficult task, as you need to add it manually. Now, Blogger has made it easy.
Just upload the image > Click on the image after loading to the article composer > You get option called “Properties” to click > You get options for entering “Alt” and “Title” for images easily.

Image Properties
Alt and Title Tags

Title Tags – Just hover the mouse over my images, you get a description for the images. It is not only helpful for the human readers, but also to the search engines.
Alt Tags– They are not displayed by hovering the mouse, but it would be seen only if the source image is removed/broken/long request to server and there is nothing to display in the place of the image you have in your article. Only then Alt tags are visible to you.
Search engines can’t read your images without an alt tag in them. Search engine will index and rank your images based on the keyword specified in your image alt tags.

2. Consider Image Size:

Image size is an important factor determining the page load time which in term contributes to SEO of the image.
For Blogger, keep the original size of the image and the size you use it on your blog articles same.
What I mean?
Say you use an image with size 200x200px, Blogger has an option of making the image to “small“, “Medium“, “Large” and “X-Large“. Try not to use those options, but to keep its original size on your articles.
If your article requires 200x200px image size, create one or resize using photo-editing software to fit.

3. Be Descriptive While Naming The Images:

I see that people name their images something like image_200x200px.jpg.
Avoid these types of improper naming of the images.

For example: In this article the first image is named as “Blogger_IMAGE_SEO.jpg“.

Also don’t name the images like “Blogger SEO Image.jpg
Instead use “+” , “-” or “_” to fill the space between the images.


4. Image Should Always Match Your Content:

Try always to match the images with the contents you deliver. Sometimes, the images are not descriptive. It not only causes negative effect to the readers, but also to the search engines.
Google image search compares the article content and the image to get the result of your images when someone searches. If  both are not matching, then it may be lowered in the ranking of the images.

These were my 4 simple images SEO tips for Blogger blogs. Hope it would add some value to your Blogger website in terms of SEO. Thanks for reading. Please take some time to subscribe to my articles via Email from the sidebar.

Have a great time.


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