How To Customize Labels Widget on Blogger to Show Less Labels?

How To Customize Labels Widget on Blogger to Show Less Labels?

Blogger label can be customized and configured according to our needs as well. Many of the bloggers don’t know about it or it is often ignored. This tutorial will teach us how to display only the required and necessary labels on the labels widget and rest of the labels are hidden. Displaying huge number of labels on your labels widget can make it look clumsy and crowded(especially when you display it as clouds).

Straight to the tutorial:

Add The Label Gadget(If not added)
Go to Layout > Click “Add a gadget” > Select Label Gadget as shown below:

Label Widget

Click on “+” sign to add it the blog.

Editing or configuring the Labels widget:
Go to Layout > You should see “Labels” as shown below with an “Edit” button next to it > Click “Edit

Blogger Label Widget Edit

You should see something like this:

Configure Blogger Label Gadget

As shown above, go to “Selected Labels“> Click “Edit” > Select the labels to display and click “Done” as shown below:

Select Labels To Display

That’s it Click on “Save” to save the settings of the label widget.

This is a simple tutorial, we will see some advanced tutorial on labels in the future. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment it out. Thanks for the support.


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