How To Gain Access To HTML of Dynamic Templates?

How To Gain Access To HTML of Dynamic Templates?

Blogger Dynamic templates/views released by Google were initially 5 in numbers. But now, there are 7 types. Though, Blogger is giving lots of updates for Dynamic views, still they have decided not to give access to the HTML section of the template. The intelligent section of the Blogger community has come up tricks to gain access to the HTML of dynamic templates. I see that the new Blogger interface don’t have the option of editing. But, sometimes I see there we are able to edit it from the old interface. This trick will definitely work in any ways.

Today, we shall how to edit HTML for a dynamic template in simple steps.

Note: This is for New Blogger Interface!

When you try to edit the HTML, you see that the HTML edit button is disabled as shown below:

Edit Dynamic Template HTML

Trick to edit HTML of the dynamic template:
Step 1. Go to Dashboard > Click the Dynamic Blog which needs to be edited

Step 2. You should be in the “Overview” section with an URL as shown below:

The  is your unique dynamic Blogspot ID. Copy and keep in a notepad.

Step 3. Now paste the X ids from the previous URL to the new URL shown below:

(You will be directly taken to the old interface of edit HTML.)

Try em out.

This is a simple trick I learnt today. Just wanted to share with my readers. Thanks for reading and trying. Would come up with more interesting stuff in my next post.


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