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How To Create A Professional About Us Page?

Article on how to create a nice looking professional “About Us” page for your website. Describes the necessity of an “About Me” page on your website.

How To Create A Professional About Us Page?About me” page or “About us” page on a website is one of the most important page or element one should start having always. The audience visiting your website have the rights to know who you are and what you do. They also should know the purpose of your website and other related information.

If you are here looking on how to write up a nice and professional about us page? Then you are to the right place.
If you still don’t have an “About us” page on your website, I highly recommend you to create one right away. Having a simple about me page is worth than having no about me page.


Advantages of having an “About Me” page:

1) Tells your audience who you are.

2) Proves that you are a professional.

3) Proves to be an identity on the internet and on your site.

4) Shows all the skills you have to the world, which can in turn become your resume.

5) Possibility of getting a job offer online.

6) Possibility of getting sponsors to your website.

Features of a professional looking “About us” page:

1) Well written with every details which can be necessary with a personal pic of yourself/author.

2) Good tone in the writing.

3) Using passive voice to describe yourself.

4) Well structured.

5) Not claiming unnecessary stuffs.

6) Provide correct and accurate facts and data to the visitors.

7) Diving the about us page with – “About the author“, “About the site“, “Statistics of the blog“, “Advises if any” and the “Future plans“.

8) Removing other page elements on the static page[If possible on Blogger].

9) Your signature at the bottom.

10) Section to join the website/Contact the author.

Create the About Us page now:

1. Make Plans:
Think what needs to be written, and make some points in a notepad.

2. Compose on “Windows Live Writer”:
Compose the paragraphs first on “Windows Live Writer“. It is a very good software to compose articles professionally and elegantly.

3. Proof-Read the “About me” page:
Proof-read the “About me” page. Check for errors, spelling mistakes and grammars.

4. Check for Font syles used: 
Keep all the font size same for the content with black as the font color. Titles can be medium size with same background colors for all the titles as in my page.

5. Add your profile picture:
Add your profile picture first. And start composing about yourself. Write everything crisp about yourself.

6. Name the page: 
Name this page as “About us” or “About” or “About me“.

7. Use Passive voice:
Use passive voice for the “About bio” to look more professional.

8. Use simple and clean English:
Use simple words, simple sentences and simple pictures for the blog to be more descriptive and clean.

9. Join us and Contacts:
Thank all your audience and visitors.
Ask your audience at the end to mail you in case they require any help. Also ask them to join your site.

10. Show the statics of your blog:
Show the current statics of your blog as a matter of fact.


Advantages of having an “About Me” page:

This way you can make the about me page more professional. If you need any help on the design part for the page, you can always comment or mail me and ask anytime.
This article is not for designing but to create a simple looking yet professional “About” page.
If I’ve missed out anything important, please let me know so that my audience gets educated and lets me learn new things as well.
Thanks for reading. Catch you later with some good stuff. Enjoy the day.


Image Courtesy: David Castillo Dominici

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