How To Download Flash File From A WebSite?


This tutorial explains how to copy a flash file embedded on a site using different browsers. We will see how to extract the flash object using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE.

How To Download Flash File From A WebSite?

In our previous tutorials, we saw how to add hex color code chart and color code wheel. These were added using a a flash object.

Internet is becoming more adapted to flash files being integrated along the way. You can see many flash websites and pages which has amazing animations, games, interactive elements, multimedia videos and presentations.
Many web designers are getting used to make use of flash animations or files on their site to make the site much more interactive and fun to the user experience.

After encountering some amazing flash pages, we might think that these flash files should be with us for future show offs to our friends, customize it again or use it elsewhere of our choice. This tutorial helps us to download an embedded flash file from the web page to keep for yourself.

Note: A flash file has an extension .swf in them. We can recognize a flash file using that extension.
Eg: clock.swf

We will see how to download embedded flash files from a website on different browsers. Downloading a flash file using Chrome is the easiest.

Steps for various browsers:

On Google Chrome

Step 1: Go to the target website.
Step 2: Ctrl+U to view the page source.
Step 3: Ctrl+F(Find/search) and search “.swf“.
Step 4: Hit F3 until you find the target flash file.
Step 5: Google Chrome lets you see the Flash file url as a clickable hyperlink. Right click on the hyperlink and save the file to your local system.

On Mozilla Firefox[2 Ways]

Method 1:
Step 1: Go to the target website/web page.
Step 2: On an empty space of the page, right click and select “View Page Info”

Step 3: In the next pop up window, select “Media” and scroll and search for the embedded .swf file as shown below:

Flash file firefox

Step 4: Click on “Save As” and download the swf file to your hard disk.

Method 2:
Step 1: Type in about:blank in the Firefox explorer bar[ Opens a new empty tab]
Step 2: Next type in about:cache?device=disk [Disk Cache Device]
Step 3: Search(Ctrl+F) for the flash file by typing .swf in the search bar[Hit enter until you find the target .swf file]
Step 4: Click on the .swf URL to go to the Cache Entry Information page.
Step 5: Right click on the link and “Save the link as“.

On Internet Explorer:

Step 1: Go to Tools > Internet Options

Step 2: Under “General Tab” > Click “Settings” under “Browsing History“[Temporary Internet Files and History Settings]

Step 3: Your temp folder may contain thousands of files.
So lets arrange it.
Click “View” > Click “Arrange Icons By” > “Internet Address“[or Type]

Tips: Use “Arrange Icons By” > “Last Accessed” to get see the flash file on the top few files if you have accessed the flash or the website containing the flash file recently.
Step 4: Now, you should be able to easily see the Flash files together. Once you find it, Right click on the flash file and Copy. Paste the .swf file where you want it to be saved on your hard disk.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Thanks for reading it and learning. Let’s learn more stuff in future. Stay tuned.


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