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Guest post guidelines and criteria:

Requirements and Guidelines to get published:

1. Unique content not published anywhere else on the Internet before.
2. Written in US/UK English.
3. Useful to match the theme of this blog. [Read the topics we are looking for below]
4. Send the article in any format you feel comfortable[Text/MS Word/Wordpad/Pdf].
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IMPORTANT- If the links are for promoting a product or service(The links will be analysed), it will be converted to nofollow links. As part of the new Google Webmaster Guidelines.
7. An eye catching title. If you are not able to find one. We shall suggest you one for you :)
8. If you don't have an image/images for your article. Please let us know, we will find one for you :)

What topics we are looking for?

1. Blogging tips.
2. Blogger tutorials.
3. Internet tech tutorials.
4. Web designing.
5. Web technology[CSS, CSS3, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, MooTools and related technologies]
6. SEO.
7. Social networking and marketing.
8. Online Marketing Strategies.
9. Make money online and Adsense.
10. Internet Tricks.
11. Inspirations on/from web.
12. Online Career and Business.
13. Own experience of online career or your success story.
14. Any topics, which you think fits for the site are welcome. Please contact me before sending the article.

What topics are not accepted?

1. Hacking.
2. Gambling.
3. Pornography.
4. Harsh towards an individual or organization.
5. Reviews or advertising a product, service or organization.[If you would like to advertise, please contact us by emailing to admin(at)itechcolumn.com]
Note- All the advertising links will be nofollow links.
6. Other unrelated and dangerous topics.
7. Link exchange programs.

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