Simplest Way To Download Favicon From Any Website

Simplest Way To Download Favicon From Any Website

This tutorial explains us the most simplest way to download any website’s favicon image.

Downloading favicon may not be truly useful. But, it comes handy if you want to design your website with buttons of your favorite social networking sites.

What are Favicons?

The name Favicon is the short form for “Favorites Icon“. As the name says, it is a small icon image with an extension .ico. This image is usually of the size 16×16 pixels. This small image is used by the web designers to display it on the webpage/website while browsing, while bookmarking and while viewing.

We need to understand that all the old browsers and new browsers support the .icon image format for adding a favicon to the website. Formats like .png, .gif and .jpeg may not be supported by old browsers like IE 6.

Simplest Way To Download Favicon From Website:

Step 1: Go to the target website. Lets say

Step 2: Just enter /favicon.ico in front of that website’s URL as shown below:

Click and check it out.

Step 3: Right click on the favicon and save the image to your hard disk.
As easy as that :-)

What if the file is not in the root directory of the website?
This indicates that the file is placed somewhere else on the webserver and they have linked the image.

Then what to do?
Step 1: Go to the target site.

Step 2: View the page source (Right click on the page and click on “View Page source”.)

Step 3: Search(Ctrl+F) for “shortcut icon

Step 4: You should see something like this:
<link rel=”shortcut iconhref=””/>

Step 5: Right click on the link and save the icon.
You can copy the link if it doesn’t allow you to right click and save. Open a new tab in your browser and go to the target favicon image to save it.

The favicon may be placed in any directory with any name for the image.

This is a small tutorial and very simple tutorial. With using this method you can also grab the favicon of wordpress, joomla, drupal cms websites as well as hosted site. This trick is not known to many. Hope you will find it useful somewhere in the journey of blogging and web designing. Enjoy and keep tuned.

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