Top 7 Reasons For Adsense Clicks But No Earnings

Adsense Clicks But No Earnings

Article explaining the top 7 reasons for clicks on Adsense ads without earning a cent.

If you are an Adsense Publisher, then in the course of time there might be a scary situation wherein, you see in your Adsense reports that there were “Adsense Clicks” without paying off anything to you. When you see that, you may wonder what’s wrong with my Adsense ads? Why no earnings? Lots of questions may shoot up in your mind. The primary fear being “Banned from Adsense“.

In 75% of the cases, these problem can be fixed easily without your interventions. Personally, I’ve observed some of them on my account as well.

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Top 7 Reasons For “Adsense Clicks But No Earnings”:

1. Invalid Clicks:

In most of the cases Adsense ad monitoring machines feels that the click was from an invalid source. If that is the case, you may not be paid anything. Google never discloses the algorithms, methods and ways of their monitoring mechanisms to normal humans. Only the Google smarties know about it and they just say “invalid clicks” buddy and you have to accept it.
Invalid clicks can be dangerous!!!!

Reasons for invalid clicks:

>> Someone was placing a click bomb on your website due to enmity.

>> A double click by someone.

>> Someone clicking from the IP address you use.

>> Someone clicked accidentally on your ads

>> You yourself clicked on your ads.

>> Someone clicked on your ads as soon as landing on the page.

>> Some reasons are never known, only Google knows why it was an Invalid click.

>> Clicks from a paid traffic source.

>> Clicks from an untrusted referral.

How to Avoid invalid Clicks:

>> Google says that it is your responsibility to see that invalid clicks and unusual activity doesn’t happen on your website. That is because, it is your house where you have rented Google for the ads. It is the house owner responsibility to check for unusual clicks. Report for huge invalid clicks to Adsense using this form.

>> Check for invalid clicks everyday at least once. So that you can report the same to Adsense.

>> Using monitoring tools for your website like Google Analytics and Statcounter. Use the “Allowed Sites” feature on your Adsense account. That is explained in the next point.

>> Try not to browse your own website too frequently. Avoid clicking on your ads.

>> Don’t ask others to click on your ads.

2. Allowed Site Feature On Adsense Account:

Some people don’t using this feature. Some use it and use it unknowingly.
If you are using it for the first time, then here are is the correct explanation of how to use it:

>> Placing the sites under “Allowed sites” section will let Adsense know that these are the trusted sites where ads are visible and can be counted upon.

>> Removing the sites from “Allowed sites” section will still make the ads visible on your sites, but clicks are not counted. This option is used when there is a click bomb on your site.

If you are already using this feature on your Adsense account. Check that whether the site URLs are in the “Allowed sites” section so that the clicks don’t go missed.

3. Public Service Ads Served For Your Site:

This is the third reason when you don’t accumulate any money even after a clicks.
Public Service Ads(PSA) are served when Adsense don’t have any ads relevant for your website.
These ads are displayed only if you have selected so while creating the ads. It is better to have PSA ads than having an empty space. It makes the blog look better. More over, it this is not going to harm your Adsense account.
There are three options while setting up ads initially. You can either show PSA ads, Blank space or any other ads from some other URL.

4. CPM Ads Being Served and Not PPC:

CPM – Cost Per 1000 Impressions (Pay Per Impressions)
PPC – Pay Per Click.
The abbreviations itself says the fact what we mean by CPM ads are served rather than PPC.
If CPM ads are served, then you get money for every 1000 impressions or impression ratio set by the advertisers. Otherwise, you get for every click(PPC).
Say the advertiser has set as 10 cents for every 1000 impressions. Then, if someone clicks on these ads, you are not paid. But, lets say there was 100 impressions on it, then you will be paid 1cent.

5. More Ads on a Single Page:

Adsense policy clearly says that you can have upto 3 text/rich/image ads + 3 link ads + 2 search boxes per page. If you have more than that, probably there is a chance that clicks are not registered.

6. Delay in Earning Updation:

There are cases, where the clicks are registered and shown on your account, but no earnings instantly. The earnings may show up after some time. This is a case where Google analyses the clicks whether if the clicks were fraudulent and finally they pay off after they find it is genuine. If you see sometimes that there were clicks, please be patient until there is an updation on your account.

7. You are Being Banned!!!

This is the final reason which is the most scariest and most dangerous. Sometimes, you may see hell a lot of clicks on your ads in a short period of time, and then Google issues a ban over your account later. If that is the case, the clicks may not be counted for anything. This is a rare phenomenon, so you may not always worry upon this reason. It is always better to alert the Google Adsense team as quickly as possible if you see any change in malicious traffics to your site leading to huge amount of clicks.

Hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned!!!


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