5 Questions you should ask before investing in CMMS

CMMS software has a lot to offer, it can address a variety of maintenance issues and can be a great asset to any industry. However, keeping in mind the diverse management systems available in the market today, it is really challenging for companies to find a CMMS that can fit the unique needs of the company, the proficiency of the software and many other business-specific factors.

Finding the right combination can definitely transform the entire maintenance scenario of any business. So the best way to find the right match for your company is to ask the right questions, before picking the product.

Here’s a list of few important questions, you need to ask your vendor before purchasing a Computerized Maintenance Management System.


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Will they provide a demo?

Most people determine price over other factors, but even before getting into such details, one must first check if the vendor is ready to demonstrate the software and tune it as per the company’s requirement. If your vendor is ready to provide this service, then it is good news. Now during the demo, keep a check on the features that the vendor provides and match them to your needs. Make sure you only take those functions that are fitted to your business, this will help you save a lot of money.

What industry does the software cater to?

Some CMMS systems are particularly designed for a type of business or industry. What suits for a manufacturing unit, might not work well for hospitals. Although, in both the cases there are a lot of equipment that needs maintenance, yet their level of complications differ. One will affect business, while the other will affect lives.

Therefore based on your specific maintenance requirement, select your software. Having a perfect understanding of the software during the demo is very important and companies must never skip this step.

Is the CMMS user-friendly?

This is again another very critical question that should be answered before purchasing a new CMMS. Imagine purchasing the software and not being able to use it.

Most companies might not have tech savvy employees, therefore your software should be so simple that anybody and everybody should be able to use it with easy and accuracy. Learning the system, should never be a challenge, rather the software should make employees feel relieved and not feel burdened.

Ask the vendor as many questions as you want. Only once satisfied, go ahead and purchase it.

Do they offer implementation training?

In the last point, we have understood that usability is the key, therefore until your employees get trained in using the CMMS software, your investment will never bring returns. Self-learning is never a good option with such systems. Therefore check if the vendor provides an intensive training of the software. Also ask if ‘after implementation services’ are available, so that the challenges that arise while using the software, can be address by the CMMS team.

Can the CMMS adapt to your growing business needs?

Lastly, but most importantly, speak to your CMMS vendor and see if the software has the capability to adapt to the future growth plan of the company. Having a dynamic software can be a wise investment as it would take care of your changing needs and handle all maintenance related challenges with ease. Also ask the vendor about the technological advancements that are in store for the software. If your software is adaptable, then it will prove to be a great investment for your company in the future as well.


If you are still amongst those who are anticipating about having a CMMS or not, then let us tell you that research has proved that companies that have adapted the software have experience 20% less downtime. However, the key to select the best software lies in asking yourself if the software answers all the above questions satisfactorily. Preventive maintenance is undoubtedly the future of growing business, so just identify the right CMMS vendor and see your business reap profits.

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