Best 3D Modeling & Graphics Applications Available for Free

Skilled designers produce 3D modeling and graphics applications to assist you generate 3D model drawings. In case you have a 3D printer, you can use these 3D modeling tools to create drawings on the modeling of your printer. You will get these 3D design tools in the market at no cost but we have some paid versions for professionals. The number of 3D movies and printers is on the rise and most hobbyists and freelance developers are developing more 3D modeling and graphics applications.

The 3D designer community has a long list of open source modeling applications that are available for free. The good thing with most of the 3D modeling & graphics applications that are available for free is that they support multiple operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. The 3D modeling software are designed for hobbyists and those people who own 3D printer. Professionals have to go a step higher and use the premium version.

In this article, will look at the best 3D modeling & graphics applications available for free. However, we also have a licensed version the same applications just in case you are a professional.


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You can use blender to create 3D visualizations like real time interactive video games, video, and still images. Blender is ideal for small studios and individuals who benefit from the responsive development process and the unified pipeline that comes with it. This is a cross-platform 3D modeling tool that runs on MS-Windows, Mac-OSX, and Linux systems with disk footprint and a small memory. The interface of this 3D modeling tool utilizes OpenGL to offer a consistent experience over all the supported platforms and software.

This is a fully integrated 3D content creation suite that offers a wide range of necessary tools such as animation maker, skinning and rigging, texturing, UV mapping, game creation, VFX, compositing, rendering, scripting, and several forms of simulations such as rigid bodies and fluid among others.

3DS Max

The AutoDesk 3DS is among the best 3D modeling software that you can find in the market. The application will allow you to collaborate, customize, and even create 3D content in a quick manner. It is an easy to use 3D modeling software that several architects have been using across the world. It comes with user-requested and brand-new features and enhancements for design and entertainment professionals.  Some of these features comprise of game creation, VFX, compositing, rendering, scripting, simulations, animation, skinning, rigging, texturing, and UV mapping.

This tool has evolved over time to become a sophisticated 3D modeling powerhouse that see the latest releases introduce a physical camera that has advanced features like DOF controls, aperture, and shutter speed. 3Ds Max has retained its userbase because of its traditionally exceptional features and qualities.  It is one of the best 3D modeling & graphics applications available and it can do nearly everything that such similar software does.


This is an exclusively free 3D modelling software that is easy to use and comes with a lot of fun. Its most ideal for backyard spaceship builders, kids, and hobbyists. You don’t require a huge learning curve to work with this 3D modeling software. 3D modeling is a complicated task but this application eases the job through its intuitive controls and toolbars.

You can compare this tool to a pencil that has superpowers. You can begin by drawing shapes and lines. Pull and push surfaces to transform them into 3D forms. You can be able to make anything you like through painting, rotating, copying, and sketching. The application delivers high quality results that you can compare to no other in the market.

One of the brands that I have seen make good use of the 3D modeling technology is FutureOn. The company uses 3D visualization in its products and solutions. This company uses the cutting-edge approach to digitalize the production process of gas and oil or renewable energy. Dominant energy companies can now use these solutions to make their production process more effective. It is the best way to drive the production costs down, motivate your team, and win new business. We still have several other firms and industries that make use of the 3D modeling and graphics applications to enhance their production processes.


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