Fiat Presents Best Out of the Bucket- Fiat 500X SUV

One of tough and strongest rivalry can be seen in the automotive market. Though, there are several different companies coming up with their own models but Fiat 500X SUV is a tough competition to all of them. The latest models of fiat are best in all the forms such as design, energy, style, bright etc. The car is super classy in looks but it does not comply that you cannot use them in your day to day life. You can roll on this car with your family, friends, either for a simple day out or for a special adventure. Fiat is the single name for comfort, style and high-quality performance.

According to a recent survey, it is considered as the best model by the Fiat. Based on the survey, this car is known as the people”s car and car of choice. Not only the basic elements, but also this car is also engaged with the best accessories. This car is not only a bundle of joy for the public but it is also beautiful as well as stunning. The car has lively and petite appearance with the comfortable interior as well as elegant exterior features.


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From the impressive design of the body and the stunning alloy wheels to the beautiful headlights and striking beam lights, the qualities of the Fiat can be the car on which you would love to roll on. It is the car, which stands out of the crowd and considered as the best car in the rivals. If a car has to be budget on the only looks then this car will be on the top of the list. Let us move towards knowing more about the car.

Style: The Fiat 500X is available in different styles, which are mentioned below, and once you see all the styles, Trust me! You will feel tempted to buy all of them.

  • Rame Chiaro
  • Graphite gray metallic
  • Grigio Argento
  • Blue sky metallic
  • Bianco gelato white

Edition: The beautiful car is available in five different editions. I know, this car is so beautiful that you will find it hard to choose the one for you because most of the people get confused at this point and end up by purchasing a wrong car.

  • Pop
  • Pop blue sky edition
  • Trekking
  • Urbana edition
  • Lounge

All the cars have good features, some have truly advanced features whereas some have exceptionally elegant features. So, you can choose accordingly.

Pop: The MSRP (FWD) is $19,995 and the MSRP (AWD) is $23,890. This car is integrated with blue patterned cloth seats, distinctive blue instrumental panel, seven-inch touchscreen, android auto and apple car-play, rear backup camera, heated power exterior mirrors and many other stunning features.

Pop blue-sky edition: The MSRP (FWD) is $22,285 and the MSRP (AWD) is $25,085. This car is integrated with automatic headlamps and fog lamps, aluminium wheels of 17-inch and matte black accents, dual-pane panoramic power sunroof, satin chrome exterior accents and many more amazing features.

Trekking: The MSRP (FWD) is $23,685 and the MSRP (AWD) is $25,585. This stunning and elegant car is integrated with the features like automatic headlamps, deep tinted sunscreen glass, satin chrome exterior accents, 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels and many other features.

Urbana edition: The MSRP (FWD) is $24,530 and the MSRP (AWD) is $26,430. The car is available with the amazing features such as textured black instrument panel fascia, distinctive and amazing Fiat 500X interior, chevron designed black fabric seats, black roof rails, dark headlamps, copper exterior accents. The two tone wheels of almost 18-inch is a big asset to the car. The two-tone wheels I.e., iron and matter black give a lustrous look to the car.

Lounge: The MSRP (FWD) is $25,515 and the MSRP (AWD) is $27,415. The amazing car is a bit expensive in price but the wonderful features like eight-way power driver seat, heated premium cloth front seats, painted matte grey aluminium wheels are an asset for you.

I think, now it would be very easy to choose the one for you.


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