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Technology and business are two peas in a pod.  Forrest Gump would say that they, “go together like peas and carrots.”  The tech tools you choose to facilitate the success of your business should be well vetted.  

Get a better idea of what technology can do for your business with a little extra research.  Here are a few effective and efficient tech tools to assist you in boosting your business. Take a look, and consider how you might improve your operations with technology.  

WordPress for web design

The full potential of WordPress has not fully spread throughout the web designing community, but it’s definitely becoming a vital tool for building.  It is estimated that 26 percent of today’s websites are run on WordPress.

Building and maintaining your business website from WordPress is easier, and everything you need to keep your pages updated is centrally located.  Make more time to manage your earning projections and other important business tasks by trusting your website management to WordPress.

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Quickbooks for your money

Every business needs some well-designed accounting software to keep the financial pieces in place.  Quickbooks is a great tool for business due to its extremely excellent ability to integrate with thousands of other common software tools for business.  

Quickbooks even comes equipped with a helpful mobile app, so you can keep tabs on your business finances anywhere you go.  Enjoy automatic backups and much more with this well-rounded accounting program.

The benefits of Google tools

Google is built for business.  G-Suite alone is packed full of useful software tools for business and collaboration.  Google Analytics will help you track your organization’s digital progress in real time, and Google Chrome is one of the busiest digital highways in existence.  

When you are working to grow your organization’s digital presence, it’s time to get super familiar with the true role played by Google in business.  

Mailchimp for email business

Use your business website and other mediums to gather together a digital rolodex of email addresses, and use them to spread your organization’s information.  

MailChimp is great for transaction emails, for follow-up information with past customers, and to keep web users informed as to what’s happening in your organization.  

Trello is a multitool

Trello is a digital tool that will help you get stuff done.  The dashboard is easy to handle, and it will move tasks along the board as they are completed in a sort of assembly line fashion.  

Trello can be used for an array of tasks, like writing screenplays, handling contract work, and even developing your website.  Dive right into the program, and start planning for your next big project using Trello’s diverse software platform.


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