Technology on the Road: Keeping You Safe and Getting You Where You’re Going

Technology helps with many things, but especially when it comes to safety in your vehicle or on the road, it plays an essential role. Even if you don”t actively think about safety technology on the road or what it means, still has a day-to-day effect on how you approach driving conditions or traffic situations.

Think about several different topics related to road safety. There are the new safety sensors that are available on vehicles. If you need to get towed, there is technology involved. GPS technology makes navigation a much safer process than ever before. And if you keep reading up on the news about self-driving vehicles, you can”t help but be intrigued.

Safety Sensors

The most significant intersection between technology and safety on the road is the fact that many cars now have proximity sensors that either beep at you when you are too close to something, or can even make the car stop by automatic braking. It”s impossible to tell how much damage this has prevented since it has been put in place as a standard on certain vehicles. Also, there are often cameras pointed at blind spots which do great things were improving safety on the road.


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Getting Towed

If you ever need to get towed, technology is there to help you. First of all, cell service means you can colony towing company from just about anywhere. Plus, you can tell them what your location is on a map by looking at a readout on your mobile device. Beyond that, cars are better equipped to get towed by companies, and towing companies use better technology to make sure that they don”t damage your car during the towing process.

GPS Technology

As far as GPS technology goes, when you use GPS navigation systems, you take out the danger of always having to look at a map while you are driving. Not everyone is blessed with navigational skills naturally, so having turn by turn navigation associated either with your car”s central computer or your cell phone means that people don”t have to worry as much about being distracted while they”re getting from one place to another.

The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

When it comes to the technology of the future, self-driving vehicles are eventually going to be the norm. The technology is already there, but everything has to remain in the testing phase until all of the safety features are hammered out. When self-driving cars do get into accidents, it is almost always because other humans are driving poorly. The logistics and algorithms that self-driving automation go through are smarter than even an excellent human driver.


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