Technology On the Road That’s Meant To Catch You

If you”re a good driver, that means that you”re not doing anything on the road that you would get caught for. However, if you”re like most people, you occasionally bend the rules of the highway. And there”s plenty of technology on the road that is meant to catch you.

Consider some of the ways that law enforcement or communities are set up to try to catch offenders. There are police officers who have radar guns. There are cameras behind traffic lights that take pictures of illegal activity. Communities build speed bumps to catch people that are going too fast. And then on a more limited scale, there are tracking devices that can be used against you if there”s any legal implication regarding your driving.

Cops With Radar

Ideally, you will never feel obligated to go faster than the speed limit. However, it”s not always an ideal world. And there are police officers who use top-of-the-line radar guns to try and catch you going over the legal limit. Sometimes they are out in plain sight. Other times they will be hiding in places that they think they can catch people while they”re being sneaky, and give you a traffic ticket from that. Police officers can also use helicopters to measure the speed of vehicles.


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Cameras Behind Lights

A relatively new phenomenon that has been catching people doing bad things is cameras that are situated behind traffic lights. If you roll through a red light, they can snap pictures of your license plate, and you may get a fine in the mail. Other kinds of cameras that are posted at traffic intersections are there not only to provide feeds for the local community but also to look for people who are doing things wrong. You may not know that you”re being videotaped, but there are cameras everywhere on the road.

Speed Bumps

One statistically-savvy way that communities can catch people going too fast is if they install speed bumps at various locations. Either you follow the rules about how fast you should be going to certain areas, or you risk reasonably significant damage to your vehicle. There are different kinds of speed bumps that are in play on the road, but the bottom line is that you should always go slow over them!

Tracking Devices

Various kinds of tracking devices can be used to catch you doing bad stuff on the road too. Some of them are even mildly self-incriminating. For example, if you have to go to court to fight a speeding ticket, how fast you were going is probably registered on your cell phone. On the other hand, if a police officer claims that you are speeding and you have evidence with you like a GPS device that shows that you weren”t, that can be used to exonerate you.


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