Between Tiny and Huge: the Evolution of Cell Phones

The cellphone industry has ridden a roller coaster with the public since the introduction of those brick cellphones in the 1980s and progressing to the tiny models of the present. With the advent of the smartphone in the early 2000s, more people today are looking for the next best thing to appear out of designers’ imaginations.

In online locations such as this blog, tips and guides are available to help you find new or improve your current gadgets. Take a look at the cellphone’s influence on society and you’ll get a glimpse of future device designs.

Fitting into a back pocket

When cellphones became a familiar part of the landscape, their size was a huge selling feature. If you could fit it into a denim jeans pocket with no problem, the phone was perfect to take along on daily outings.


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When the smartphone was released, many people were still wary about a big, open screen. With damage and the larger size as matters for concern, consumers stuck with their small flip phones until the smartphone’s extra features won them over.

Social status factors

Owning a smartphone isn’t just about being able to make a mobile phone call; it indicates your status. An expensive device, for example, indicates you’re doing well in the world.

Similar to the make and newness of your car, smartphones communicate financial and social status — just like when you have more online friends or followers, you’re perceived as having higher social status than others.

Video and camera action

As social media integrates with everyday smartphones, these devices become a kind of camera crew in your bag. Smartphones with big screens and high-quality cameras enable you to take fantastic photos and post them immediately to social sites, for example.

There’s no need to carry around a heavier digital camera. You have the potential to capture almost every moment with a trusty smartphone in your pocket. Some consumers even prefer large screens so they can see their subjects better when they shoot photos and video clips.

Better than other devices

As many smartphones turn into phablets, other devices are experiencing a dip in sales. Phablets, a cross between smartphone and tablet, are usually around 5.5 to 7 inches in size.

Instead of lugging a laptop or separate tablet, you have everything you need in a phablet. In response, manufacturers are introducing new devices nearly every quarter. The device market anticipates a swift change in consumer purchasing choices in the near future.

Games and experiences enhanced

One of the benefits of a larger screen is enhanced gaming. As more people socialize through virtual gaming, their devices must be fast enough and sufficiently easy to view for many hours of use. Where laptops used to be the norm, phablets and regular tablets now offer the perfect gaming view.

From gaming on the go to simply texting a friend, the mighty cellphone has become part of everyday modern society. As manufacturers create more models for personalized use, everyone will have a device that’s perfect for their needs.

The future will be full of technology-driven people with information at the touch of a screen.


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