5 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

The high ranked social media site in terms of marketing, Instagram, is overtaking the rest of the social media sites. It has over more than 700 million active users, who not only scrolls down but also likes, comment, share and respond to the relative posts available. That’s why it is used by the marketers and business companies to establish and grow their businesses. It offers a huge number of followers to any kind of business, either large or small. By the attraction of a lot of people, instagram is now an excellent platform for social media marketing.

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Following are some of the tips you can look upon in order to increase your instagram followers for the marketing purpose:

1. Host Contests

One way of interaction to your followers is by conducting the contests. This program shows the fun side of your brand which majorly attracts people. You can have the contests on the weekly basis. This practice can give you a large number of new followers. As it attracts people and make your brand or company impressive by the users. More visitors and more progression of the company. Boosting up the exposure also brings a lot of followers. It keeps your audience coming back to you. And focus on your giveaway contest that it should be something your audience would enjoy winning.  Make the winning parcel excited to gather more followers.

2. Use of Hashtags

The use of hashtags on instagram posts make you visible on different peoples feed. Even the ones who have never heard about your company’s name can see the visuals and posts. This protocol makes you visible at a large scale and opens the doors for new connections to be made. It makes your content being exposed to variety of the audience. Also look for the check and balance to the hashtags used by your competitors. Look for the views and how they engage their audience.

3. Instagram Stories Help You in Engaging More Followers

The live videos provide another outlet to connect more deeply to your followers. It is seen that people take more interest in the live videos other than those which are already recorded. By going live you face your followers directly. Try to host the question answer session to keep the visitors engaged. Ask them about the feedback and focus on clearing the confusions of the users. There feedback can give the fresh and new ideas about what to post next. It also helps you in adjusting the already existing program. Always be the one to break out the new trends on your live stories.

4. Leverage Instagram Tools

For the better photo filters, analysis, scheduling the post, and looking the feedback, different apps are available. They help in improving the productivity and efficiency of Instagram marketing. Some of the tools used are;

Crowdfire gives you the list of people who have unfollowed you. And make you look for the new followers who would be interested.

Social insight monitors all of your engagements, follower’s growth, interactions, and overall progress to Instagram marketing success.

Snapwidget make your instagram feeds on your blog or website for visibility.

5. Best Time to Post

Always look for the right time to post. The beautiful visuals posted at the right time boost engagement with your followers. You have to work on discovering the best at which your unique audience is most responsive and alert to your content. Instagram has its own tools which help you in featuring the analytical time to post for better engagement and provide an insight that when your followers would be more active. This practice would bring awareness to the people regarding your brand.


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