5 Not So Obvious Ways Technology Can Save Your Life

Technology obviously contributes to amazing medical discoveries and advancements in medicine, but there are other ways, figurative and literal, in which modern day tech advancements can save your life.

If you’re not entirely convinced of the amazing life-preserving power of technology and the internet, let your mind engage in a brief back and forth. Check out this short look into a few ways technology can, has, and will save lives.

Live streaming social media feeds

Live streaming social media feeds have saved lives in many different situations. One man was live streaming the birth of a new baby horse, and he ended up being kicked in the chest three times. His viewers notified the local authorities, and the man was rescued in ample time to save his life.


Image Source: Pixabay

Streaming social media feeds have also recently been used to hold the nation’s police force accountable for their actions, saving an indeterminable amount of lives from undue trauma and/or death.

The damning nature of live video streaming is a powerful tool in court when you’re fighting a personal injury claim. It’s hard to deny the facts when they are presented in real time video.

Community conversation forums

Community conversation forums can be found on the internet for nearly anything you could possibly imagine. Many people have solved the mystery of an undiagnosed illness by communicating with others who have experienced the same symptoms.

The ability to draw from an infinite pool of human knowledge is an undeniable anomaly of modern technology. You can learn anything you need to know by digging deep enough into the intricate weave of today’s web.

The smartness of your smartphone

Smartphones are equipped to handle a wide array of situations today. You can check your heart rate, check your blood oxygen levels, and much more from the convenience of your smartphone.

One man was injured and trapped inside of a building after the great Haiti earthquake in 2011. He still had cell service, and use his smartphone to save his own life. He Googled his injuries to figure out how to stop the bleeding, and took pictures of his surroundings to find a way out of the rubble.

Undeterred access to emergency services

For some strange reason, not everyone has caught on to the fact that you don’t need cell service to call 911. Emergency services are always available via your smartphone, even if you haven’t paid your bill in a while.

Don’t let your friends or yourself suffer, because you think you cannot get ahold of the necessary authorities. Dial 911, and try it for yourself. You always have access to EMS, as long as you aren’t carrying around a rotary phone.


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