How To Become Successful Blogger and Great Content Writer

Hey, Folks, Now here i am going to tell you about ” How you can be Successful Blogger “. We are here going to talk about many things, Let me tell you in short :

  • Blogging 1.) URL 2.) Subject 3.) Content 4.) Marketing 5.) Two R’s 6.) Post 7.) Sacrifice 8.) Subscribers 9.) Comments
  • Improving your blogging
  • Commentating
  • Bounce Rate
  • Link Building
  • SEO Awarness 1.) ON – Page SEO 2.) OFF – Page SEO

So here we start, Blogging is an art of giving

Tips to improve your blog and your content Here is what we see a new world of information. A new blogging experience, I have been going through with this work since 6 years and since then I have acknowledge many things from blogging, blogging gave me a bunch of knowledge and made me learn many things, and when I saw how to market the blog through Stumbleupon, LinkedIn,, Facebook and Twitter made me crazy about blogging, allowed me to earn to a huge extent. And in the same way I will also let know about those blogging tips and secrets.


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Homogeneous URL

It would be very beneficial for you if you have a homogeneous URL or you can say it as a consistent URL for your blog, if you change your respective URL then it may create confusion for your visitors and a problem for your blog as it may affect your popularity. Because most of the articles will get popularity and standard through the same blog URL so, I suggest need not to change the URL.

About blog subject

You should bring a nice subject to your blog that makes your blog content impressive and worthy. So, be assure of the topics you bring for your writing skill or content writing as if your blog depends on your article status. So, try to get to new and good relevant subjects that are totally related to your blog specimen. You should write inspirational and self-driven original content for your blog.

Quality content

You should write quality content for you blog as if quality content attracts a huge amount of readers to your blog. As much as the heavy amount of readers you have same you get more hype and standards with respect to your blogging {includes blog and blog content}. So, start writing quality content for your blog and get your blog to new status.

Marketing your blog

Important part for blogging is blog marketing that is how you market your blog, well; you can market your blog through various social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, these websites give a huge amount of help for your blog to share and market to millions and billions of people, but as if it is a time taking process,   and once it is done from your end, you count.

Research and Reflect ( Two R’s)

Reflecting other’s thoughts can be very much useful for the one who is related with content writing as if other’s thought can be used to fulfill the information fully and completely but that needs patience and skillful reading that is writing other thoughts in your own words in a creative and an impressive manner.


Friends I need to be very clear with you all. Blogging needs sacrifice as it is a time taking process, to become successful blogger. So, you need to have patience because blogging is not a part-time job you need to be very careful with your marketing for your blog and you need to be skillful with your content in relation with your articles. Blogging needs lots of concentration which takes time for a good consideration.

Articles and Post

Here is the most important part for blogging that is content writing or you can say article writing, well, you should write unique and creative articles for your blog content. Your article must be 800 words at least. As well as you should cover each and every part of that information in a simple but in an impressive way. Your articles should be human readable that is you should use simple language and simple keywords explanation so, that a 13-year-old child can also understand it properly. Articles really play an important role in blogging.

Convert your visitors to subscribers

As if i told you about how you can be an impressive blogger to the world but if you want to convert your visitors to subscribers you need to give unique and creative or you can say a subjective content to the readers or your visitors. In simple words if I would say you should write good content for your respective blog post. You can also write post in series. Offer freebies and subscription to the visitors so that you can make them as a permanent visitor for your blog.


Now we are going to see how comments role in blogging ?

How to attract more comments for blog: Comments also play a huge role putting a blog to new standards, so, good comments are always a necessary part for blogging experience, to attract comments to your blogs you can try these following tips:-

  • Make your content creative and unique
  • Observe their 10-15 post lists them up combine them and then pitch the one you like most
  • Start your content or start your article with good generic introduction
  • Start with a quote
  • Hook your readers with your content
  • Just talk about benefits, this artwork allows you to attract comments
  • You must know what your readers want in relation with technology or any other subject
  • You should bring a nice subject for content for your visitors
  • Look for your target audience that will help you to get more comments to your site
  • Other ways to improve blogging experience and increase your visitors

Bounce Rate

Now here is the first question in my mind : Ques: What is bounce rate ? Ans: Well, bounce rate is a no. of visitors which leave immediately after arriving. Bounce rate is also called as the ” Exit Rate” as if it is the amount of visitors those who leave immediately after arrival to the page, as you have seen many times in your webmaster or analytics stats account. It’s been said that a bounce rate is more is not good for a respective blog. But In my views bounce rate is good if that particular bounce rate of the blog is till 70 percent And if it exceeds that 70 percent rate than it’s really bad for a blog as if visitors are leaving immediately after arrival. So it’s better to maintain your bounce rate till 70 percent. High percentage to an extent for bounce rate is beneficial because as if 70 percent bounce rate explains that your blog is fulfilled with:-

  • Great content
  • More loyal readers
  • Good subscription rate and
  • High conversion rates

Tips to reduce bounce rates-

  1. Post videos in your blog
  2. Good content article
  3. Kill the pop-ups

Friends these tips will surely help you a lot for getting comments to your site and you will also find it very helpful to find your target audience. And if you want to prefer some other websites that can help you to get comments are and many other comment exchanging websites, but I don’t preferred you to that. It will take time to get comments or response to your readers, but be patient readers will leave comment when they really love your articles. Link Building

Link building

Link building is a strategy where bloggers get their respective blogs to be linked with other pages and other blogs in order to hit their target audience or you can say in simple words to get more traffic. In link building bloggers get their blog to get linked with other blogs or you can say two blogs will be interlinked with each other in order to share traffic as well as to increase its blog ranking in Google ranks, as if link building lets you to build your blog rank to new standards as you share the traffic and most of the target audience which you desired for. Always choose quality backlinks over quantity. One high quality, trustworthy backlink is worth more than a thousand spammy backlinks.Link building strategy plays an important role in search engine optimization SEO and contributes a huge part. As link building works as optimization for blogs to get traffic. It’s the way to popularize your respective blog by taking help of some reputed blogs. By sharing the traffic of those blogs lets your blog to get popular and lets your rank high. And in this way Google will also know about the reputation of your blog that is it trustworthy or it is spam or ownership etc. Google ranks your blog according to the reputation and traffic. And now we will be talking about how to develop these backlinks to get your blog to new standards. Methods to develop strong backlinks. The myth of “ Build it and they will come”

  1. Worthy content: Always try to notice that content which are already ranked high. These articles and content will let you know about the subject they deal with the quantity of words the art of writing and the right word placement. From this tactic you will know that which article you should post or on which subject you should write the following content.
  2. Analysis of the respective backlink: Analysis for backlink is also a great method to follow as of you just have to know about which of the one is linking to your competitor site but not linking to yours site. Just try to link to those blog and sites which already have multiple competitors, it will allow them and there can be chance that they will link your blog as well.
  3. Comments: give comments to the other blog post which are highly reputed and in this way it will allow you to see that they are allowing you or not. Well, this is the best way to build backlink, it can notice by an attribute given for the blog the blogs with an attribute “do follow”-they allow other blogs to link with them and share. And the other attributes “no follow”- they do not allow other blogs to link and allow them for anything.
  4. Get listed: to other blogger’s blog rolls.  It never hurts to ask another blog that you’re active with to see if they have considered adding your blog to their blog roll.
  5. Guest blogging: You can build backlinks through guest blogging as guest blogging allows you to provide post to other reputed blogs which gives your content a new standard and share an amount of traffic with the respective blog you guest post. So, guest blogging can help you in many ways.
  6. Testimonials: You can write testimonials for your services and software that you use. This will allow you or it will publish with a link back to your blog. one thing has to kept in mind that once you are writing a testimonial you should write it in a generic form, that is it should be well written, specific in order to be useful for the software’s and services/product owner.
  7. Hire bloggers: this will a good task if you hire new bloggers for writing your content. This will also allow them to write content and even they will cross-post your blog link back to your page.
  8. Create a new and a useful tool: You can create a tool that can be useful for others as the same several years back top ranker’s made RSS buttons that still has over 50,000 inbound links today as it was a useful tool and in the same way it created backlinks.
  9. Bookmarking: Social bookmarking also plays an important role as from this way you can also create backlinks by just bookmarking websites like twitter, Digg, Slashdot and many other social bookmarking websites which will provide you with a backlinks when you post to these bookmarking websites.
  10. Contest: You can host a contest on your blog as respect to anything that may be for free hosting or may be for hardware or accessory anything. If you host a contest will let your blog popular and create backlinks as well.

SEO Awarness

To be a successful blogger you must be careful about some of the important facts related with SEO that is search engine optimization. As SEO really plays an important role in blogging as it provides you to optimize your blog and blog content through various measures. But you need to keep some important points in your mind so that you feed no problem with SEO. Some methods which lead the awareness for SEO are as follows

  1. Excess linking: it has to be in view that you must not have excess of blogs links as it can create nuisance. So, aware of the blog links which you are going to link with and always try to link with those blogs who are related with your blog content and post so that you have a huge amount of readers.
  2. Stuff the keyword: just including a no… of keywords to your titles lets your enable you to search for your pages. So, it’s better to fulfill your article with proper keywords as if it affects your searches for your page to a great extent.
  3. Neglect user experience: there can be confusion at times if you give too much focus to SEO, and end up forgetting about their reader experience. So try to maintain balance between SEO and your reading content so that you can popularize blog without concerns.
  4. Wrong names of the images: it’s better to find an appropriate image that is relevant and has a SEO value, many a times we find readers getting irritated because of the irrelevant images displayed. So, it’s better to have relevant images to the subject.
  5. Meta descriptions and tags: it’s a mandatory task you have to include tagging and Meta descriptions for your respective page so that search engines could rank your page according to your tags and description.

How On-Page SEO helps in Blogging ?

Here we have seen everything related to On-page SEO, “On Page” SEO simply refers to the text and content on your website pages. Basically your page and content, so, the Search Engine can find your webpage when a surfer is searching for your websites particular topic.

How Off-Page SEO helps in Blogging ?

Means: “Off Page” Search Engine Optimization is doing things off site to improve you sites search engine rankings. The thing you can do “Off” site to increase your blog rankings, by building up good and repetitive links to your site, Google, keeps referring links which is coming to your site. More links will generally lead to better “Google PageRank” and better Search Engine Rankings. When you are trying to get more links you need to think about quality, not quantity because Google needs quality links. If you keep creating links from low quality sites then it will not effect much on your ranking. The best quality links that you can get are from trusted sources such as universities, newspapers, Do-follow sites (Commenting) and some top notch directories such as dmoz, yahoo & Bing.


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