Blogging Tips For Hard-Working Entrepreneurs

When you’re busy working hard to build your own small business, it can seem like an impossible feat to keep up with writing a successful blog. Have hope. The process isn’t as bad as you might imagine, and there are plenty of various resources from which to pull to get the job done right.

As long as you equip yourself with the right tools, building a blog will be a rewarding endeavor for your career. Take some time now to read through a few blogging tips to get you started, and keep your train chugging along towards success.

Create a regular posting schedule

Blogging is a part of the long game in business. You won’t develop a popular blog presence without time and content. You need to set a recurring time when readers can expect a new entry to your blog, and keep up with your schedule.

Robert Collier was quoted saying, “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.” Blogging follows this logic. It takes time and continuous effort to develop a strong blog presence.

Have a plan for future blogs

Before you ever launch your blog, you should have several quality pieces of content ready for posting. Then, you need to build a content schedule to plan out future posts. If you want to hire a Toronto SEO Company to manage these tasks for you then SagesMarketing can help you.


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Decide whether you want to post a “how-to” article, a blog series, or maybe you want to post an article that shows the pros and cons of your product. Whatever the case may be, stay one step ahead of your posting schedule. You don’t ever want to be short of content.

Learn to write evergreen material

Evergreen material refers to content that is useful no matter when a reader stumbles upon the info. For instance, it’s always useful to learn how to change the oil on your car.

Writing a “how-to” article on changing your oil would be evergreen content. There is a time and place for date- or season-specific blog posts, but don’t flood your collection with such content.

Keep your posts brief

It’s safer to keep your blog posts around 500-600 words, but you’ll likely read conflicting advice on the topic. Longer blog posts do fare better in the eyes of the search engines, but your readers won’t stick around for too many long posts. Convenience is at the heart of today’s culture, and attention spans are not what they used to be.

Market your blog content

After you’ve conquered the art of creating the content for your blog, the job is not yet complete. Blogging is an ongoing process, but you also have to market your blog. People can’t become loyal followers of your excellent posts if they don’t know they exist.


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