Savvy Real Estate Agents Use These Marketing Tools

The real estate industry has benefited greatly from the many technological advancements that characterized the last decade. In fact, many real estate agents are adopting some of these technologies in order to stay ahead of their competition. With these technologies, industry players have been able to automate different aspects of the industry, especially in marketing. As a real estate agent, therefore, you have numerous marketing tools that you can adopt to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your real estate marketing campaigns.

Top 8 Marketing Tools For Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents

1. Facebook

Facebook is no longer just a social media platform; it has evolved to become a massive marketing tool. Every industry is utilizing the platform, and it is an excellent tool for real estate agents who want to reach a wide market easily. Facebook provides access to user demographics that reflect the real estate agent”s diverse market. 


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The platform also offers marketing features that are perfect for the real estate industry. Features such as book appointments, curative reviews, and instantaneous communication with customers make the platform one of the most effective marketing tools. Facebook ads also make it possible for real estate agents to engage with customers and potential customers directly.

2. Instagram –IGTV

Instagram is a useful marketing tool for businesses because it allows them to display their products online for the target audience to see. In recent years, Instagram marketing has experienced a boom in real estate businesses. Many real estate agents are contracting professional photographers” services to take photos of their properties and create content for their target market.

Features such as IGTV and Instagram stories have also made the platform unbeatable because realtors use them to offer customized and real-time updates.

3. Zoom

Virtual video hosting platforms are on the rise. Since it was launched, Zoom has attracted more than 300 million users across the globe. The platform has become an essential marketing for any real estate agent who cannot meet his or her potential buyers physically. Many companies have launched platforms that facilitate free virtual video hosting, but the most notable one is Zoom. If you cannot meet your potential clients in person, Zoom provides the perfect video connection. Real estate agents can utilize Zoom in different ways to ensure they increase their real estate marketing output. The best part about Zoom is that the platform allows you to use virtual backgrounds to enhance your video”s visuals, thus making it a perfect marketing tool for real estate. When video calling, agents could use professional real estate images boost conversions by getting their clients interested in their properties.

4. Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow Premier Agent App is a reliable marketing tool that real estate agents could use to increase their marketing outreach. The platform is a real estate marketplace that makes it easier for real estate agents and potential buyers to meet. 

A buyer can use the platform to compare homes” prices, search for customized listings, and connect with other real estate agents. The platform”s Zillow blog feature also gives visitors access to relevant articles. Any reader who reads the blogs get useful insights into the real estate industry, which would help them make informed decisions.

5. Wise Pelican

Another useful marketing tool that real estate agents should utilize in their marketing is Wise Pelican. You can choose to use the platform”s list builder or just upload your list conveniently. The platform provides tons of postcard templates for real estate agents can pick the best and send them to potential buyers. 

If an agent finds the available models not attractive and wants to try something new, he or she can create a unique postcard or customize an existing template. Wise Pelican offers automated seller valuation templates that real buyers can use to determine the value of a home. What”s more, Wise Pelican is affordable to more people as compared to other marketing tools since it costs only 70 cents to print postcards and mail them.

Real estate agents who want to mail their potential customers monthly also get a discount through the included enterprise-pricing feature. Wise Pelican”s integrated mail campaign tracking system also makes it easier for real estate agents to track the postcards and know when they are delivered. It is even possible to follow another person”s note if you have access to his or her account.

6. YouTube

Using videos for marketing is not a new idea, and YouTube is a powerful tool that real estate agents should utilize. Unlike the standard visual advertising that uses still pictures, video advertising creates personality and offers more dimension to advertised products. 

If you are a real estate agent, making a video of your properties and uploading them on YouTube could end up becoming your most successful marketing strategy. This is because videos make it possible for your target audience to connect with your properties, thus increasing your chances of making a sale. 

Posting a video on YouTube beats other conventional marketing tools because you can also track your campaign easily. You can also analyze the interactions your video is getting to determine your potential market reach and develop plans to expand it.

7. Google Analytics

Another marketing tool that real estate agents should focus on is Google analytics. The platform provides insights into the marketing strategies deployed and helps one to determine the strategies that are achieving the desired impact. 

Once you have used your marketing tools from different marketing platforms, Google Analytics also provides you with relevant data on your marketing strategies. It makes it possible for you to track traffic and activity on your website conveniently.

8. Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that has proved to be an excellent marketing tool when utilized properly. The platform has many features that make it perfect for real estate agents to market their properties. The retweet and like features, for instance, provide a visual glimpse of your marketing outreach in a blink of an eye. 

Real estate agents can also utilize Twitter to engage both their customers and potential clients directly and receive their feedback conveniently. The platform also allows users to upload short video and picture messages that can help an agent to engage potential customers comfortably.


Reviewed above are the top marketing tools that tech savvy real estate agents could adopt to boost their marketing campaigns. The list might not be conclusive, but it highlights the most commonly used platforms. To bring real change to your real estate marketing approach, therefore, consider combining two or three of the above marketing tools.


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