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Perhaps you have already heard about CSS, but do not know what it is? In this lesson you will learn what CSS is and what it can do for you.

CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets / Cascading Style Sheets.

What can I do with CSS?

CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML-documents. For example, CSS covers fonts, colors, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and many other things. Just wait and see!

HTML can be (incorrectly) used to design web-sites. But CSS offers more features and a more accurate and sophisticated. CSS, to date, supported by all browsers (Viewer).

After only a few lessons in this tutorial, you can create your own style sheets using CSS to give your web-site a gorgeous view.
What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

HTML is used to structure content. CSS is used for formatting structured content.

I agree, it sounds like a technical and confusing. But please read on. Soon everything will start to clear up.

Long ago, when Madonna was a virgin, and a guy named Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web, HTML is only used to a structured text. Author could mark text: "it - title" or "it - paragraph" using HTML-tags such as <h1> and <p>.

As the Web designers started looking for formatting documents online. To meet this demand, the browser vendors (then - Netscape and Microsoft) invented new HTML-tags, such as <font>, which differed from the original HTML-tags by defining layout and not the structure.

It also led to the fact that the original structure tags such as <table>, were increasingly being misused for layout instead of structuring the text. Many of the new layout tags such as <blink>, only supported by one browser. "You need browser X to view this page" - this became a common disclaimer on web-sites.

CSS was invented to remedy this situation by providing web-designers to design, supported by all browsers. Simultaneously, there was separation of presentation and content of the document, which greatly simplify the work.
What advantages would give me CSS?

The advent of CSS was a revolution in the world of web-design. Specific Benefits of CSS:

     control layout of many documents from one single style sheet;
     more precise control over the appearance of pages;
     different views for different media (screen, print, and so on. etc..)
     complex and sophisticated equipment design.

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CSS Tutorial #2 What is CSS ?

By Karan Vyas → Sunday, July 20, 2014
We have started complete CSS guide, this is first article for CSS.
Click here to view of CSS tutorial homepage.

Cascading Style Sheets / CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML-document Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an amazing invention to improve the appearance of your web-site. It can save you a lot of time and give you a completely new possibilities in the design of web-sites. CSS is essential to anyone working with web-design.

This tutorial will help you get started with CSS in just a few hours. it explains everything very easy to understand and will teach you how complex the technology.

Learning CSS carries. Reading this tutorial, allocate sufficient time to experiment with the studied material in each lesson.

Using CSS requires basic knowledge of HTML. If you do not know HTML, you start with our Textbook HTML, before moving on to CSS.
What software do I need? 

Do not use when working with this tutorial programs such as FrontPage, DreamWeaver or Word. These advanced programs do not help you learn CSS. On the contrary, they severely limit your progress in this direction.

You will need a free and simple text editor.

For example, Microsoft Windows comes with a program Notepad. It is usually located in the Accessories Start menu, in the Programs. You can also use a simple text editor such as Pico for Linux or Simple Text for the Macintosh.

You can also use Sublime Text Editor or Notepad++ ( this is what i am using )
A simple text editor is ideal for learning HTML and CSS, as it does not alter the code you entered. So you will advance quickly, and errors will be your only, not the software.

With this tutorial, you can use any browser. We advise you to have the latest version of your browser.

Browser and a simple text editor - that's all you need.

Let's start!

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CSS Tutorial #1 Introduction

By Karan Vyas →
Jolla Sailfish OS New Update

On July 14 update available for Jolla SailfishOS. The most notable new feature to the user, in my opinion, its to display the android application on the home screen in the form of individual "covers." Previously, all such applications to create a cover and switch between android applications could only be from another application.

Important changes

  •      Showing his cover for each android application
  •      Its clock frequency, signature and name of the sender for each email account
  •      Unfinished e-mail messages stored in the Drafts when minimized application
  •      Simultaneous sending multiple files browser, the ability to filter by file type when choosing
  •      Autocomplete words in the search of the store Jolla
  •      Setting end date for repeating events
  •      Search by artist in media player
  •      Adding web applications on the launchpad
  •      Improved application with instructions for use

Some known issues

  • The onscreen keyboard is displayed even when the connected hardware
  • You can not change the layout of the keyboard is connected via bluetooth
  • Positioning does not work through wlan, when turned rassharivanie Internet
  • Not always possible to recover from a backup the first time
  • For apps using audio it's also recommended to use only one app at a time (see the release notes). If you loose your audio in your Android apps, rebooting the phone might be needed - happened to me.
  • Navigation feature for Jolla's HERE Maps: No news about development. Several Android navigation apps are reported to work fine. After this update, however, the Navigation app should be kept running on the foreground.
  • SD card: sometimes the card must be manually reattached to access the files
  • External GPS devices: Not supported. There's no setting to bypass Jolla's own GPS device
  • Video recording: Audio quality is reduced after few seconds of recording
  • Video codec issue - Videos recorded with Jolla and uploaded to internet are not played by Jolla's own web browser. As a workaround, convertion is required (e.g. Youtube converts uploaded videos automatically)
  • Zooming of emails or attachments is not always working correctly. Reopening the email might help.

Jolla Sailfish OS New Update

By Karan Vyas → Tuesday, July 15, 2014
In this tutorial I will give you the simplest and easiest way, a step by step process on How to put an adsense ad code just below your post in the new blogger template platform. In this way it could increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) which means that your earnings will also increase.

Add Adsense Ads Code below Blogger Post Title in Blogger/Blogspot

Google Adsense will not guarantee you making money from your blog.Placing Adsense in the right position will boost your earnings by increasing your CPC and higher CTR.And the best ads units that have worked well for me below post title are 300×280 and 728x90.Today,I am going to show you how to add Google adsense below post title on bloggers blog.

How To Add Google Adsense Below Post Title In Bloggers Blog

  • Login to your Google Adsense account.
  • Go to My Ads tab, create an ad unit that match your blog (300×250 Medium Rectangle or 780x90 Large Rectangle works best), get the ad code and copy it.
  • Now You have to parse the code you copied out.( Go here to parse the code online )
  • Paste the converted code.

Login to Blogger Dashboard.
Navigate toTemplate and select “Edit HTML”
You should Back up your Template (recommended) by downloading the template to your pc.
Now Press CTRL + F to and search for the code. <data:post.body/> Now add the adsense code above <data:post.body/>.

Add the adsense code in below format.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
Your Adsense converted Code Here

Replace "Your Adsense converted Code Here" with your adsense converted code ,as you did in step 3.

Now save the template and you done.

Still not able to see ads ? having problems with template editing ? Comment Below. 

Add Adsense Ads Code below Blogger Post Title in Blogger/Blogspot

By Karan Vyas → Monday, June 30, 2014
POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features and Functions with Specification.
Nobody expected success of a niche device, but sales of the first Note was stunning. Of course, that other manufacturers simply could not ignore this segment of the market and began to produce their decisions. Experience has shown that for users is important not only size, but also other characteristics. And you have to pay for the characteristics, which is why such Soup are quite expensive for the average user. But here to help rescue Chinese manufacturers producing clones that popular models, the qualitative counterparts at a low price.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

On one of these analogues just discussed today. Chinese thin smartphone POMP C6S boasts first large display, your stuffing, as well as an attractive appearance, but first things first.

POMP C6S - Phablet Specification

POMP C6S is a 5.5-inch smartphone with FHD OGS display, which is based on an 8-core processor MT6592 with 1.7 GHz. Mali 450 MP4 video chip has 8 cores clocked at 700 MHz and has 512 KB of cache. The amount of RAM up to 2 GB, built-in - 32 GB. Furthermore, the device equipped with 13 megapixel camera from Sony, the two slots SIM, battery 3000 mAh, features MHL, OTG, NFC, and is responsible for the work of the proprietary interface DUI based OS Android 4.2.2. Separately, it is worth noting dimensions new items that stand out and the narrow limits of a thin shell whose thickness is only 7.7 mm. It is sold in three colors - black, white and yellow.

Monitor: 5. 5 "1920 × 1080 px, FHD, OGS, LG IPS
picture Brand: MT6592 (Cortex-A7, 1. 7 GHz, 8 cores)
picture Finalizing Product: 450-MP 700MHz Mali
picture Computer: Jello Bean Android 4. 3. 3
picture MEMORY: 3 GB
picture Person Storage: thirty two GB
picture Digicam: The front -- 8 megapixel, rear -- 13 Mn
Verbal exchanges picture: 3 SIM-card (GSM / GPRS / SIDE + UMTS / HSPA +)
Advanced picture: GPS DEVICE, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Wireless, NFC, MHL, OTG, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light-weight sensor as well as length
picture Battery power: 3000 mAh
picture dimensions: 152 × seventy seven × 7. 7 mm
picture Excess weight: 162 Grams
picture Cost: buck 240 (~ 8350 rubles).

Package Content :

Packing the smartphone is made in white. Located in the center of the logo.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

Cover of the box because of its configuration appeared not the first time. Located immediately beneath the device itself, which occupies the entire area of ​​the package. Beneath it in a separate box for instructions and needle lock sim card. At the bottom are the headphones, USB-cable and charger, Chinese size, but with an adapter. You will also find case of thin translucent plastic. Excellent accessory rests on a smartphone and almost does not increase its size. But the material is brittle, so more careful with it better, and then inadvertently burst.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

The headphones sound pretty good, but there are no additional sizes of inserts for them. Charger has an output current of 1.5A, allowing you to charge the battery in just two hours.

POMP C6S - Phablet Design, size, controls

POMP C6S should be called a classic "black bars" (in this case black and white) if not for one "but" - small thickness and narrow frame. Nevertheless, attention-grabbing design features in POMP C6S bit. Most of the plane takes 5.5-inch screen.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

In appearance the machine proved very interesting and cute device.

The front panel of the device are a speaker, microphone, light sensor and camera 8 MP. Unfortunately, there is no LED notification.

Control buttons - touch. Their light is only active at the moment of use. Spaced buttons conveniently pushing the wrong way and failures are rare.
On the right side are the power button and the camera.
Actually, one of the major chip device - fast shooting. If you hold down the camera can take a picture in just a few seconds. Full size 13 MP shot autofocus. Let me remind you that almost none of the manufacturers of Android-smartphone does not make a separate camera button, citing the high cost, the need for alteration of the body and so on. Color keys disguised under the body, and hardly noticeable. Pressing soft, but not always tangible.

POMP C6S - Phablet Display

LG IPS screen is represented by a matrix with FullHD-resolution. Screen size - 5.5 inches, with a density of - 401PPI. This density makes it almost indistinguishable individual pixels. Of course, this resolution makes the picture really clear and detailed.
Thanks to IPS-matrix screen always retains clarity, even outdoors in sunlight. Brightness can be put manually, or you can use the automatic adjustment.
The picture is very clear, with excellent color reproduction and maximum viewing angles. Pleasant to the touch screen, finger gently slides, and quick response.
Multitouch technology can handle up to 5 touch points simultaneously. Installed as well, and a proximity sensor that prevents accidental key presses during a call.

POMP C6S - Phablet Camera

Both cameras have a fairly high resolution. The front sensor is represented by 8 MP rear - 13. Through this resolution, even the smallest details of the photo will be in sight. However summed rendition. Color is not always natural. Night scenery, alas, are beyond this sensor. But the location of the lens very successful. In the corner it is unlikely that touches.
Choice is restricted to ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600. At last at high magnification appear the noise. There is a continuous shooting up to 40 photos, as well as mode of HDR. From the Camera function surprised "Shooting with smile detection."
In addition to camera is able to shoot a panorama of 270 degrees, and makes good macro shots from a distance of 10 centimeters.
Lack of manual focus, and sometimes a long wait Response Automation me greatly distressed. In general, however, the chamber has a relatively good capability in comparison with other mobile devices.

Software Platform

The first thing that catches your eye inside the OS - this lock screen. On it at the top of neatly arranged time and date, and the bottom impromptu virtual lock and key. To unlock them to be combined. Shut graphically shows the battery charge. The main screen will fit a 20 + more icons on the bottom row of four frequently used applications. All icons are stylized single decoration in the form of rounded squares.Shell DUI cute enough. There are no extra Chinese application. It should also be noted that smarfton running Google Android OS version 4.2.2. Chinese manufacturers have already begun to slowly release a software update for their devices, sure POMP not remain without attention.By the usual set of programs from Google have been added "Flashlight", "File Manager", "Notes."In the shell program can enable gestures. Superstructure works, you can change desktops, photos and pages in the menu. Most applications are not found, but it looks very cool.


Overall smartphone POMP C6S showed really quite good results, when compared with any other contenders for the price. But if we compare the results with the leaders of the smartphone market, the backlog of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801 is still noticeable, though not strong. If you rely on the figures of the popular benchmark AnTuTu, it looks like this: 29 000 points at POMP C6S with frequency 1.7GHz cores and about 35,000 in top smartphones such as the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8 and other hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801. Smartphone manages almost crept close to the leading solution for Qualcomm.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

On such hardware smartphone can easily handle high-quality video 1080/50p, including popular formats like avi, mpeg and even mkv. In addition, he is capable most modern 3D-games, such as: GTA: San Andreas or Deus Ex: The Fall.

POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

Shell is running quickly, quickly meet the most demanding applications, demanding 3D games go smoothly and sagging FPS. FullHD movies smartphone twists easily. Offhand, it's hard to call the situation when power is clearly not enough.

Price of POMP Phablet

The price of POMP phablet is $240


POMP C6S - Phablet with Attractive Features Functions and Specification Price

By Karan Vyas → Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Wireless charging is one of the most recommended features in upcoming smartphone. In new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Wireless Charging & NFC Module is there.

As we approach to the of the new smartphones under the brand Apple always there are more rumors about future products. iPhone 6 is no exception. His portion of the informal information about the new site VentureBeat shared with reference to the informant.

iPhone 6 Wireless Charging & NFC Module

iPhone 6 the device will be wireless module NFC, with which the smartphone turns into a mobile wallet. It is possible that Apple phones will be connected to the payment system ISIS, founded by U.S. carriers.

Another innovation in the iPhone 6 will be Category 6 technology LTE, which allows to transmit data over cellular networks at speeds up to 300 Gbit / s, which is two times faster than the standard Category 4 LTE, supported iPhone 5s.

Apple can be recharged wirelessly. What kind of technology in question, the source did not elaborate, but added that the inside of the back cover of the phone will receive a special surface that will receive energy from the wireless inductive charger and transfer it to the battery.

VentureBeat has confirmed that the display of the iPhone 6 will be 4.7-inch with a thin frame around the perimeter. Screen resolution is not called. Previously reported format support 1704 x 960 pixels. Among other features of the iPhone 6, which previously wrote media, it is worth noting the presence of a processor Apple A8, improved camera, iOS operating system 8 (presented recently) and the sapphire glass, which will cover the surface of the display to increase its protection.

 iPhone 6 Screen Size : 4.7 Inch

Screen Resolution : 1704 x 960 pixels

Processor : Apple A8

Operating System : iOS 8 ( recently launched )

Screen Protection : sapphire glass

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 Whats your view on iPhone 6 ! you can leave your comment below.

iPhone 6 Wireless Charging & NFC Module Features

By Karan Vyas → Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It is a new programming language developed by Apple for creating applications for iOS and OS X. It is based on C and Objective-C, but more simple and flexible. In addition, the creators Swift borrowed the best elements of programming languages ​​Javascript and Python

Is Swift Better than other programming languages ?

What is Swift Programming ? Swift Programming Tutorial #1

Apple developers have tried to create the most modern language: Swift fast (speed of implementation of some algorithms is 3.9 times more than in Python) and laconic (developers got rid of verbosity Objective-C). Another important innovation - it is possible to write code and see the results in real time. Prior to this for a long time, the process of creating a product and the product itself were divided, and because of this, programmers had to spend a lot of time checking and code optimization. In Swift they can amend and immediately see the results. This means that developers will be able to quickly check in their concepts and generally faster to create applications.

How to learn to program Swift language?

What is Swift Programming ? Swift Programming Tutorial #1

Simultaneously with the release of Swift Apple has released a book , which you can download in the iTunes Store. Judging by the reaction of experts, many of whom have read it in the first hours after the presentation on the first WWDC, in the coming weeks should expect hundreds video tutorial and discussions - the first Public already appeared.

Why Apple Did ?

First, Swift - is Apple's response to the appearance of the programming language , which has developed a rival company Google. Since the advent of OS X Apple used only Objective-C, and the appearance of Swift - this is a big step into the future. Secondly, creating a simple and modern language, Apple hopes to win over not only experienced developers who already know how to work with Objective-C and C, but beginners are sure they use this opportunity to begin to learn and Swift. Application market to grow again, which means that Apple's influence will increase.

What is Swift Programming ? Swift Programming Tutorial #1

So , I hope you enjoyed this article of apple new programming languages swift. I will try to write some more articles on Swift Programming languages in coming days. Stay Tuned.


What is Swift Programming ? Swift Programming Tutorial #1

By Karan Vyas →