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Today i am sharing one of the popular wordpress theme into blogger template. 

Iconic one is premium wordpress theme and pretty much seo friendly. A great responsive blogger template.

Iconic One utilizes latest HTML 5, CSS3 for creating the awesomeness that looks great on every browser. It adapts to screen size on different devices be it mobile, tablets or desktop and is future ready. Check out the demo on different devices to get the feel of it.

Template Name : Iconic One

Features :

Web 2.0, Magazine Style, lime blue and white color Scheme, threaded commenting system, custom label wrapper, two Colum’s footer, and much more.

Demo : 

Download : 

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Guide : 

How to Install Blogger Template ?

  1.     Log in to your BLOGGER dashboard. 
  2.     Select your blog you want to Upload the theme. 
  3.     Don't forget to REMOVE all your current widgets before uploading the new theme. 
  4.     Click on "TEMPLATE" from tabs on left. 
  5.     On top right click on "BACKUP / RESTORE" Button. 
  6.     Click on BROWSE and select the theme you have saved from Bloggertheme9 
  7.     Now Click on "UPLOAD" Button and refresh after sometime.

Customization :

Customize the Main Navigation Menu

<li><a href='#'>news</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>tech</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>layouts</a>
<li><a href='#'>Stacy</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Matt</a></li>

Replace the # with the Link you want to add.

Customize the Author Widget

<!-- Change Author Info Here -->
Hello, I am Author, decode to know more: In commodo magna nisl, ac porta turpis blandit quis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In commodo magna nisl, ac porta turpis blandit quis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Replace the details of author with above texts.

Customize the Social Profile Icons

<ul class='autorsocial'>
<!-- Social Profile Icons -->
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<li><a class='Twi-tt' href='YOUR-TWITTER-URL' target='_blank' title='Twitter'>Twitter</a></li>

Replace "YOUR-FACEBOOK-URL" with your facebook url, and so do same for google+ and twitter too.

To Show Ads below Post Title

    Search for the Following Code:

    <!-- Show Ads Below Post Title -->

    After that Add you Adsense code to show ads below post title.

Note : I am giving this template for free , so its my request to not to remove footer credits. 

Iconic One Blogger Template Free Download

By Karan Vyas → Monday, September 29, 2014
During the presentation of the new iPhone , Apple has stated that the graphics accelerators in smartphones to 50% more powerful chips in the iPhone 5s, which is especially noticeable in the "heavy" games. In fact, it turns out that this is not true.

The popular synthetic test Basemark X graphics accelerator 6 Apple iPhone scored 21204 points, which is not much more the result of iPhone 5s (20253 points). As you can see, we are about 50% are not. Although, of course, the same benchmark results are not always significant.

For comparison, you can see which ones are passing the same synthetic test in Android-smartphone. As you can see, Apple iPhone 6 bypass the flagships of the first half of the year with a Full HD resolution: Sony Xperia Z2 scored 25172 points in the benchmark, and the Samsung GALAXY S5 - 23501 points.

Earlier it was expected that the Apple iPhone 6 will get a dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz and a graphics accelerator PowerVR GX6650 (in iPhone 5s used PowerVR G6430 last generation). But, judging by the results of the test, Apple, most likely chosen for the iPhone 6 more simple six-core GPU PowerVR G6630. Also very interesting to see what the chip will get iPhone 6 Plus. After all, with a higher resolution and the same graphics accelerator as the iPhone 6, it will show lower performance.

Apple iPhone 6 are more powerful than the iPhone 5s

By Karan Vyas → Sunday, September 14, 2014
If you want to start a video call on a computer running Windows , and either do not have a webcam or it is faulty (for laptops, at least), we have good news for you: if you have a mobile device work , you can use the camera devices such as a computer webcam With DroidCam .

DroidCam is a free app available in the Windows version and Android version (you must install the application on your mobile device, including ). With this application, users of Windows can use mobile devices work computer webcam .

How to use Android device as WebCam for your Windows PC

DroidCam puts users provide four types of connections to turn Android phone in Webcam Computer:

  1.     WiFi module - Users can use the Wi-Fi connection to connect your phone to your computer.
  2.     USB Module - Users must USB cable to connect your phone to the computer; This mode is only recommended if you do not have Wi-Fi router (In some cases, Advanced Configuration in connection with the possibility of a lack of drivers ).
  3.     WiFi server module - This connection is only available for the paid version of mobile applications ( DroidCamX ); Thus, with the help of users can use the Connect 3G / 4G Phone to turn your mobile device as a web camera for any computer, from any location.
  4.     Bluetooth Module Server - As in WiFi server module are also available only paid version mobile application DroidCam.

How to use Android device as WebCam for your Windows PC

After installing DroidCam as on a computer running Windows and Android devices, choose how you want to establish a connection between them, to use the camera phone as a webcam. And after a connection is established between your computer and your phone, you can use DroidCam wearing video calls with friends and family via applications such as Skype or any other application IM or VoIP which includes service (contemporary application Skype Windows 8 is not compatible with DroidCam But you can use the desktop version of the application).

I hope this article useful to you ! stay tuned for next coming articles.


How to use Android device as WebCam for your Windows PC

By Karan Vyas →
There are many free programs to check the temperature of your computer, or rather - its components: the CPU, VGA card, hard drive and motherboard, as well as some others. Temperature information can be useful if you suspect that the auto shutdown computer or, for example, lags in games, it is caused by overheating.

This article provides an overview of these programs, I will tell about their capabilities, what is the temperature of your PC or laptop, you can use them to see (though, this set also depends on the availability of temperature sensors accessories) and additional features of these programs. The main criteria by which programs were selected for review: Shows the information you need, free of charge, does not require installation (portable). Therefore, please do not ask why you do not see AIDA64.

How to check the temperature of your computer

Open Hardware Monitor

I'll start with the free program Open Hardware Monitor, which shows the temperature:
     Processor and its individual nuclei
     Computer motherboard
     Mechanical hard drives

How to check the temperature of your computer

In addition, the program displays the fan speeds, voltage at the components of the computer, in the presence of a solid-state disk SSD - the remaining life of the drive. In addition, in the column «Max» can see the maximum temperature that has been reached (as long as the program is running), it can be useful if you need to find out how hot the processor or the graphics card during the game.

Download Open Hardware Monitor, you can from the official site, the program does not require installation on your computer


About Speccy (from the creators of CCleaner and Recuva) for performance of a computer, including the temperature of its components, I'm not just writing - it is quite popular. Speccy is available as an installer or portable version that does not need to be installed.

In addition to information about the actual components, the program shows and temperature on my computer were displayed: the temperature of CPU, motherboard, video card, hard drive and SSD. As I wrote above, the temperature display depends, among other things, the availability of appropriate sensors.

How to check the temperature of your computer

Despite the fact that information about the temperature lower than that described in the previous application, it will suffice to track the temperature of the computer. Data in Speccy updated in real time. One of the advantages for the users - the presence of the Russian language interface.

Program you can download from the official site


Another simple program that provides a comprehensive information about the temperature of your computer components - HWMonitor. In many ways it is similar to the Open Hardware Monitor, is available as installer and a zip.

How to check the temperature of your computer

The list displays the temperature of the computer:

     Motherboard Temperature (north and south bridges, etc.., In accordance with the sensors)
     CPU temperature and the individual nuclei
     The temperature of the video card
     The temperature of the HDD and SSD solid state drives

In addition to these parameters, you can see the stress on the various components of the PC, and the rotation speed of the cooling fan.

Download CPUID HWMonitor you can from the official page


A free program designed to OCCT test system stability, support Russian language and allows to see only the temperature of the CPU and its core (to mention only the temperatures, otherwise the list of the available information more widely).

How to check the temperature of your computer

In addition to the minimum and maximum values ​​of the temperature, you can see it displayed on the chart, which can be useful for many tasks. Also, using OCCT, you can perform stability tests CPU, VGA card, power supply unit.

The program is available for download on the official website


Well, if someone was not enough of you all of the tools, I suggest another - HWiNFO (available in two separate versions of the 32 and 64 bit). First of all, the program is designed to show the characteristics of the computer, information about the components, BIOS version, Windows and drivers. But if the main program window click Sensors, then a list of all the sensors in your system, and you can see all the available temperature of the computer.

How to check the temperature of your computer

In addition, displaying voltage information self SMART hard drive and SSD, and a huge list of additional parameters, maximum and minimum values​​. It is possible to record changes in the indices in the log when necessary.

Download the program here HWInfo:

In conclusion

I think that described in the review of the programs will be sufficient for most tasks that require information about the temperature of the computer that you may have. You can also see information from temperature in the BIOS, but this method is not always appropriate, as the processor, video card and hard drive are idle and the displayed values ​​are significantly lower than the actual temperature when working on the computer.

How to check the Computer temperature

By Karan Vyas →
If a computer running Windows 8.1 and access all websites, but you want to restrict access to websites to their sites who are adults. The easiest way to do this is to enable the Family Safety is enabled by default in standalone. First, the user must create a separate children's access to a computer running Windows 8.1, then Activate Family Safety from the user (account) as an administrator. This method of How to block websites may work in Windows 7 and windows 8 as well ( I didn't try ).

How to block access to adult sites in the OS Windows 8. 1?

Log in to the Windows Administrator Then open users from the Control Panel (type control.exe in work)
in Control Panel, click Network and Internet, then Internet Options

open the window, click on the Content tab, and then click Family Safety (Displayed in the below right corner)

select the user for which you want to include restricting access to sites with adult content

Parental Control, select On, apply the current settings, and then click the Web Filtering

I choose the user can only use the Web sites allow (where the user login name used children)

Then, from the displayed list, select the one that seems most appropriate for the children you (for example, is designed for Childern; most of the options listed blocks access to sites with adult content)

Follow the steps above, you can block children's access to sites containing adult and can also set other rules of use of the Internet (for example, you can set a fixed list of websites that can be accessed by children).

How to Block/Restrict Access of Websites in Windows 8.1

By Karan Vyas → Wednesday, August 20, 2014
In modern time, speed and quickness of the exchange of information plays a very important role. Famous messengers - Skype, icq are outdated and not fully suited to modern man, because they do not meet the minimum requirements for indicators such as ease of use and accessibility. That is why in recent years, gaining popularity for Messenger instant communication, which means greatly simplify the connection and bind to an account in the mobile number.

Market leaders are now two programs - Viber and WhatsApp, you are sure to have heard about at least one of them!

What is the difference viber and whatsapp?

Programs are very similar and are instant transmission of textual information, a free analogue SMS messages. The differences between these programs, there are some they will be critical:

     WhatsApp shareware, or rather the first year of application can be used for free, and then you have to pay the subscription fee - $ 0.95 per year. Viber yet completely free.
     With Viber, you can call and WhatsApp does not provide such an opportunity;
     Viber little drains the battery faster than its competitor. But, at the same time, Skype and other instant messengers archaic, much more "eat" the battery, due to the fact that is constantly hanging in the background;
     a client for desktop PC, with which you can synchronize your address with your smartphone / tablet and use the app on all your devices.

Interesting fakt 2011 WhatsApp rapidly gained popularity in the Netherlands, and this in a country in which there are some of the highest rates for SMS in Europe. WhatsApp has become a cheaper alternative, and contributed to the overall annual revenue of mobile operators fell by 13%, followed by even layoffs.

Install Viber on tablet

With the installation of Viber on the phone no problem, simply download the installation file from Google Play for Android or AppStore for iOS, install, confirm your phone number and all use. But to install Viber on the tablet without a SIM card, it is necessary to make a few more movements, as there is no direct control over the registration confirmation by SMS. But there is a solution, and for two!

1 If you have a smartphone with a set Viber-ohm. In this case, everything is simple - install the app and sync your contacts with an account book Google (the easiest way - to go through the web interface and add accounts with numbers). Pre-need to transfer all the contacts from your smartphone to your account Google! You can also use any other contact manager.

On the iPad with contacts not, as in iOS book contacts always exists by default.

2 If there is no smartphone with installed Viber-ohm. In this case you need any other phone on which you can receive sms to confirm your registration. If you do not come sms, use the service "Call You" and a few seconds later you receive a call and the robot will dictate in English a few numbers that you safely vvёdёt in the confirmation form to your tablet.

Be sure to see the video and Equ Chose a demonstration of the installation process that you outlined

Viber Out or as calls to regular phone numbers

You understood correctly, we Chose a there is such possibility, but it has already paid. Cost of call is different and depends on the country that you are calling. For calls to Russia, the price ranges from 3 cents (fixed numbers of Moscow and St. Petersburg) to 8 cents (mobile operators) per minute. For calls to Ukraine prices are slightly more expensive - from 8 to 20 cents.

Through Chose a particularly advantageous to call abroad and the price is lower than that of mobile operators.

Viber out only works on iOS and Android devices, support for Windows Phone will be added in the near future.
Frequently asked questions

Viber should always be run on a tablet?

This is not necessarily, as it works on the principle of "inclusion on request." Once the server has received a request to your account, the server communicates with your profile and informs him of an incoming message or call, thereby triggering the application on your device.

How to top up balance viber ?

It is possible on site, payable accept payments via PayPal and bank cards (Visa, MasterCard). Payment domestic (J. Money, WebMoney) monetary systems are not available yet!

Can I install Viber on the tablet using a regular phone?

According to the idea, it must be a smart phone with pre-installed application. But as we mentioned above, in some cases, can be installed, if you come confirming SMS to another phone.

That's all, I hope you will not have difficulties to install this remarkable for Messenger. If something is not clear, please ask in the comments and be sure to subscribe to updates from our site!

How to install Viber on tablet ?

By Karan Vyas → Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcome to the Android Tips and Tricks on the Android OS. Already many are there to have Android, but not everyone knows some tricks to it. If you want to add the list, write in the comments.

How to change the input method?

Sets the keyboard, are going to the menu (Menu) -> Settings (Settings) -> Language & keyboard (Language & keyboard) in the Settings keypad put the check in front of a keyboard installed. Further, in any input field, click on the insertion site and hold. The menu opens input method (Input Method), in it select the desired keyboard. Remark. Standard keyboard does not provide off.

How to choose a third-party input method (keyboard set by you)?

Sets the keyboard, go to Menu - Settings - Language & Text. In the setting of the text put a tick on your keyboard installed. Further, in any input field, for example, reports on press and hold the input area. You open the menu input method, there choose the desired keyboard.

How to remove the error "Unable to establish a secure connection to the server" when setting up the account, the opening of the Market, Gmail?

Firstly, should be an internet connection. Secondly, Settings - Accounts and sync - Background mode (tick).

Engineering codes for android

Many users of smart phones and Android tablets are not even aware of the existence of the so-called engineering or service codes. Service codes on smartphones and on ordinary phones appeared much earlier than the first version came out Android OS. They are intended primarily for engineers, service centers and advanced users, so I want to warn readers: if you do not know what this code is not necessary to enter, and if you do decide to enter the code, you do at your own risk. Should think before you enter a code for "Android" because This can lead to partial or complete loss of data and to disable the device itself. If you chose to use the code, let's look at each of the engineering code details:
* # 06 # - Check IMEI;
* # * # 4636 # * # * - Data and settings;
* # * # 8351 # * # * - Voice Dialer Logging Enabled;
* # * # 4636 # * # * - This code can be used to obtain interesting information about your phone and battery. It shows following 4 menus on screen:
- Information on the phone;
- Battery information;
- Statistics of the battery;
- Usage statistics.
* # * # 7780 # * # * - This code resets the following settings to the factory settings: - setting up your Google-account data stored on your phone; - Data and system settings and applications; - Downloaded applications. DO NOT remove the code: - current system applications and application comes with smarfonom; - Data on the SD card (photos, videos, etc.). PS: Before you reset your smartphone asks for confirmation, so that until the last moment you will have the chance to change your mind.
* 2767 * 3855 # - Think before you enter this code. This code is used for factory format, that is, starts to delete all files and settings including those that are stored in the internal memory. He also resets the firmware smartphone. PS: After entering the code, there is only one way back - quickly pull the battery and start the recovery of data from a PC.
* # * # 34971539 # * # * - This code is used to get information about cell phone. It shows the following four parameters:
- Update camera firmware in image (do not try this option);
- Update camera firmware on SD-card;
- Get the camera firmware version;
- See how many times to update the firmware.
WARNING: Never use the first option otherwise your phone camera will stop working and will have to carry your phone in service center to reinstall camera firmware.
* # * # 7594 # * # * - This code can be used to change the button "End / Vkl.Vykl.". By default when you long press the button, it shows the screen asking you to select any option "Switch to silent mode", "Airplane Mode" or "Turn off the phone."
You can change the options proposed by using this code. For example, you can make sure that the phone was switched off immediately, without selecting the desired option from the menu.
* # * # 273283 * 255 * 663282 * # * # * - The code opens the file copy screen where you can make backup copies of your data (photos, audio, etc.)
* # * # 197328640 # * # * - This code can be used to enter the maintenance mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode for WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth;
* # * # 232339 # * # * or * # * # 526 # * # * or * # * # 528 # * # * - WLAN (use the "Menu" button to run different tests);
* # * # 232338 # * # * - Indicates the MAC address of WiFi;
* # * # 1472365 # * # * - GPS-test;
* # * # 1575 # * # * - Another test GPS;
* # * # 232331 # * # * - Bluetooth- test;
* # * # 232337 # * # - Displays the address of the Bluetooth;
Codes to launch various Factory test:
* # * # 0283 # * # * - Packet Loopback;
* # * # 0 * # * # * - LCD-test;
* # * # 0673 # * # * or * # * # 0289 # * # * - Melody test;
* # * # 0842 # * # * - The unit tests (vibration and backlight test);
* # * # 2663 # * # * - Touch the screen version;
* # * # 2664 # * # * - Touch the screen test;
* # * # 0588 # * # * - Motion Sensor;
* # * # 3264 # * # * - RAM version.
These are the main codes for "Android" that may need advanced smartphone user. Once again I repeat: do not enter the code, if you do not believe in their mission! But to solve some problems with the device on the "Android" these codes are very useful.

4336437_gCuGRU3pIPo (604x528, 27Kb)

Useful tricks and secrets on your Android

Forced reboot Android
There are cases when the phone is on Android «slow" and just does not respond nakakie action. In this case will force reboot, which is triggered by pressing of button combinations: Simultaneously hold down the Power button + Home Key + button to increase the volume.

Quick access to Google search
All smartphones now targeted for the Internet and is therefore not surprising that Android left there is a small trick that quickly runs the form on Google. Tested on HTC Sensation - did not work, but on the other models all ok. To quickly access the list, hold down the button for a few minutes the Menu.

Unlocking Android, by face recognition
This is a very interesting trick, which is available in a version Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. If you have this version of the OS, you can enable facial recognition, due to which the phone is unlocked. In Jelly Bean added more extra protection - we need to flash the phone to realize that people live, and to him is not just a picture. activation:
Go to Settings> Security> Screen Lock> Unlock face (Face unlock).

Detailed information about the phone
With the help of special USSD-request, you can get a lot more information about the phone, which is not available in the standard settings - it's all about the Wi-Fi network using the battery itp Request: * # * # 4636 # * # *

Move programs to SD-card
Often we install applications on the phone, thus occupying the built-in memory, which is not always so much. In Android phones have a great opportunity that allows you to quickly and easily move software, games on the stick. To transfer the application should go:
Settings> Applications> Manage applications (or just select the application)> Select the desired application, and you will see there the option "Move to the memory card."

Hard Reset or a full factory reset your Android phone
This trick is very useful before selling the phone or when he has become a very "packed" and periodically retarding. Android-phone, can be formatted in several ways.
a) Restore factory settings. Means that all settings will be reset to default, and all internal data will be deleted.
For this purpose, it is necessary to perform a USSD request: * # * # 7780 # * # *.
b) Hard Reset: to hard reset the phone, you must dial * 2767 * 3855 #. This will lead to the fact that delete all data (including internal and external SD card), and after a reset all settings Android.
Not need to enter this code just to test the query, if you're not sure that you need it. This request will not ask for confirmation!

4336437_fOfd3M89M9Y (526x258, 17Kb)

How to make a screenshot of the screen in Android?

When using the device with the Android system is sometimes a need for a screenshot of the screen. There are several ways to solve this problem:

     use of the operating system (Android 3.2 and above);
     use the built-in firmware software from your device;
     install an application from Google Play.

Get a screenshot with the features of the operating system
This method is suitable for the owners of devices running Android version 3.2 or higher.

In Android 3.2, press and hold the "Recent Programs" (two squares).

In Android 4.0, simultaneously press the volume down button and Inclusion.

Getting a screenshot with the built-in firmware software
Some manufacturers have provided their device software for screenshots. Way to call the program for all devices is different.

In Samsung products from Samsung need to simultaneously press the Home button and the Power On / Lock (screenshots are saved in the folder ScreenCapture).

In HTC's devices need to simultaneously press the Power button and the Home (screenshots are saved in a folder with pictures).

In some devices, Sony's need to simultaneously press the volume down button and Inclusion.

In devices of Huawei need to press on and briefly press the Volume Down (screenshots are saved in the folder / Pictures / ScreenShots).

For devices with the installed firmware GyanogenMod, AOKP, SlimROM menu off the device can display the item "Screenshot".

Getting a screenshot of using third-party software.
The store Google Play a lot of programs that allow you to take screenshots, but almost all of them require the presence of human root. Consider one of the software - Screenshot UX.
Screenshot UX - application designed for taking screenshots in the device with Android 2.2 and above. After you install the application and run it on your desktop, in the upper left corner, you will see a small round button, when clicked, and take screenshots. In the settings you can set that after clicking on the button will be a countdown, after which will make the screen display. The resulting screenshot you can submit by email or posted on the social networks; see through the existing application for review; crop or edit. The program can be set up so that the screen is photographed after shaking the device.

4336437_1v_rmeDaspA (452x241, 7Kb)

How to charge the battery in less Android devices?

4336437_VvCvj43cdL4 (604x357, 30Kb)

The problem of rapid discharge of the battery is familiar to every owner of the gadget with Android OS

The first thing we need to do is dial * # * # 4636 # * # *, in doing so, we will see general information about the consumption of the battery.

You need to follow a few rules to a single charge lasted for longer.

- If your unit is equipped with AMOLED display, the dark background wallpaper save battery power.
- Turn off WiFi, when you do not need, because the connection support, consumes large amounts of energy charge.
- Also, if you currently do not need the Internet, turn off the mode 3G. Internet activity when the 3G does not stop, even if you do not use that entails energy consumption, or if you are outside the coverage area of ​​3G, the phone will scan the network looking for 3G, which is also very bad for the save battery power.
- When you are in a weak coverage of mobile communication, your gadget is in constant search for a network, it's very fast "eats" the battery. Switch the machine off-line until the receiving conditions of the mobile communications improve.
- The same applies to the GPS, it is probably the most much power that is in your machine. Do not leave the GPS turned on unnecessarily.
- Accelerometer is continuously awake module unit, of course, constantly consuming energy. If it is not critical for you, I advise you to turn off this feature (Settings> Display> Auto-rotate)
- Adjust manually the CPU usage of your system, even if the manufacturer has stated that the processor dynamically changes the frequency, saving energy. For this is a good program SetCPU.
- Turn off the data transfer mode, if you do not need it, for example, at night
- And one more tip for owners of gadgets is NOT rechargeable batteries, there are applications that discharge the battery and allow the memory to try to overclock it again. For example, Battery Calibration.

How to unlock unlock pattern on Android?

Familiar picture? You have decided to try a graphic key and forget it after 10 minutes. You perfectly remember your unlock pattern, but the playful hands younger brother, his beloved daughter, curious colleagues in your absence had five times incorrectly enter key and your smartphone firmly locked (the system operates with a bang). What to do and how to unlock your unlock? There are several ways.

4336437_vd10NaufWS0 (200x200, 4Kb)

Firstly, do not panic. And then follow one of the suggested ways and all will be well. So, how to unlock your unlock and regain your phone?


In total there are five attempts to unlock the phone using the graphical key. Sixth does not happen. If you have already exceeded the limit, then enter again something and wait 30 seconds. After that, you must admit that the unlock pattern you do forget, and then enter the data Google-account that you use on a smartphone, ie the one that you entered when you first set up your smartphone. Did it work?

call Me

Another interesting question is how to unlock your unlock if you forgot your password, and from Google-account. Becomes more interesting. Try calling a locked smartphone, and during the call, taking it, of course, go out to your phone. Find the settings the phone lock screen unlock and deactivate it. Hang up and use your smartphone.

HR or reset to factory settings

If that fails completely none of the above, then you have only one option: Hard Reset. This is a harsh method, but effective. More questions, how to unlock your unlock, have you not arise. The truth and the desire to put it too is unlikely to occur. Hard Reset is reset to factory settings with the loss of all data. Sorry, yes, but the phone will return to life. How to reset your specific model directly, it is better to ask. It's always a definite and consistent key combination, which defines producer smartphone. After a factory reset, you will start a new life and at this point you re handy Google-account.

Android Tips and Tricks

By Karan Vyas →