Four Common Reasons Why Shoppers Contact Customer Service at a Clothing Store

If you operate a clothing store online, you know the importance of communicating with your shoppers. Some clothing store owners provide shoppers with a phone number for customer service while others post an email address. There are also store owners who use live chat services to provide shoppers with a quick, convenient way to ask questions. Look at four common reasons why shoppers get in contact with a customer representative at an online clothing store.

An Inquiry about a Color

One of the most common questions posed to customer service reps at a clothing store involves color. The shopper may ask for a description of a shade of color. For instance, maybe there is a green cardigan sweater pictured in the online inventory of the clothing store. The person wants to know if the sweater is closer to light green or hunter green. The shopper’s computer may not show the true color of the sweater, so the person needs some guidance. Most shoppers want to know exactly what they are getting before they click the confirm purchase button.


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A Price Check

Another common question received by customer service reps at an online clothing store is about price. The shopper wants to know what the cost of a particular item will be after a discount and a special offer are tallied into the price. In short, they want to know if they are getting the best possible deal before making their purchase.

An Issue with a Delivery

Many questions posed to customer service reps are about deliveries. One shopper may want to know the status of an order while another shopper would like to know if a delivery can be expedited. Customer representatives should be happy to answer these questions about deliveries in order to maintain a reputation for excellent customer service.

An Issue with Check Out

Oftentimes, shoppers will contact customer service reps when there is a problem with the checkout process at the online clothing store. For example, a customer may not be able to change the size of an item in their cart. A customer service rep can certainly help in this instance. Or, a customer may ask for help removing an item from their shopping cart. Knowledgeable customer service reps are able to help customers with all sorts of issues that pop up during checkout.

Lastly, these are just four reasons why shoppers contact a customer service representative at an online clothing store. No matter the reason, an efficient team of customer representatives should be happy to solve any issues presented to them by shoppers.


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