How To Remotely Control Windows PC From Android Mobile

Multi interface integration is very critical in today’s technology world. Now a day’s technology allows us to connect any device with one another for maximized productivity and mobility. Perhaps the most prominent multi platform integration is the integration between Android and Windows PC. There are various Android apps that let us control our Windows PC from the comfort of our couch or when we are away from the house. There can be various reasons to control your PC remotely. You may need it to access your files when you are outside the home, or you can easily control your home theater PC without using the mouse and keyboard.

How to remotely control Windows PC from Android?

There are two ways in which you can achieve remote control of your PC. Firstly you can use a full remote desktop client. This will transmit images and sound to your device. This is more complex and preferred by more advanced users. The second one is the standard keyboard and mouse app that acts as a TV remote control for the PC. This is quite basic and does not transmit any video and sound. For the latter, you need to have an active connection to the local network.


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Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has prepared its application for remotely controlling the PC from your Android Device. If you are a frequent user of Google Chrome browser, this is the best option available for you to remotely control your computer.  For the users who have Google Chrome installed on their PC’s all you need is to download Chrome Remote Desktop on your android device. Once done, install the extension of the same on your PC’s Google Chrome.

Now pair the two devices and control the computer remotely from your Android device. As long as you are signed in to chrome, you can not only use it for the browser but can also control anything on your PC. This application can let you access anything like administrator tools, file browsers and anything you like. It is like you are sitting in front of your computer. Performance wise the application is very good and pretty solid and quite satisfying. Initially, there is a delay when the connection is first established.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome Remote Desktop. Mainly the app was developed for the Windows 10 mobile phones, but the app is available for Android users also. The working is quite similar to that of Chrome Remote Desktop i.e. you have to pair the devices. It provides various features like screen projection, as well as quality video and audio streaming. These features are available only for the Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows. Microsoft rolls out updates for this app very frequently to fix issues. Android users can also try the beta version of the app to get access to various features and fixes.


It is the most prominent program for controlling one computer from another. This is also available for Android. The android version is quite stable, secure and fast. Apart fromgiving you the ability to control one PC from another TeamViewer also allows you to transfer files between the devices.

It also supports full keyboard and multiple monitors. To connect your PC and Android device using TeamViewer enter your Computer’s TeamViewer id and Password and you are done. TeamViewer can also be termed as the most business oriented application for various reasons.

Virtual Network Client

The VNC is a protocol that has been a favored remote access solution for the power users and engineers. The original design is open source, so there are various clients available who have used the model to create their VNC applications providing different features. TightVNC is one among the few who favored by various free users. It also has a cross platform Java version available. There are various free and paid apps available in the market, but good one amongst them are

FREE: Remote Ripple, Mocha VNC Lite, Tiny VNC.

PAID: iTeleport, RealVNC Viewer.

The VNC applications are designed for the more advanced users.

Remote Mouse

Unlike the various other apps discussed above Remote Mouse mirrors the computer’s keyboard and mouse only. This app requires you to see the monitor or screen so that you can use the app. This app only works in the Local WiFi networks. Sometimes using a simple application is also favorable to avoid all the hassle. Remote Mouse is a free application available on various platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, OS X, Linux. There are various extra features in the app that can be activated by making the in app purchases. The features include media controls and access to function keys. This is a very good option for those who need to use only the basic commands through their phone.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an excellent app that lets you control your Windows PC with your Android Phone. But this app is quite different from its rivals. The Unified Remote app supports around 90 Windows programs and application that can be controlled from your phone.

The various tasks that can be performed with this app are moving to next slide in PowerPoint, pausing songs on spotify, wake on LAN support, voice commands, NFC and infrared tools for supported phones, Android wear support and more. The app is free, but you need to upgrade to premium version to unlock all the advanced features. The upgrades cost around $4 which is a value for money compared to the features you get.

Remote Link

Asus is also not far behind in the race to get its desktop remote controlling app. Asus’s Remote Link is a great and stable application for controlling the PC from android device. It also supports Android Wear compatibility and multi pad gestures. So by using this application, you can not only use your Android phone, but you can use your Android Watch. The interface of the app is neat and clean, and there is no problem in using the app. Even though the app is developed by Asus, it is available on allthe devices.

Yes, there are various apps for remotely controlling your PC from Android devices, But the apps mentioned above are some of the best among them. Give them a try as per your usability and needs.


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