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As a business or sales professional with the goal of increasing sales and taking advantage of email marketing, you need to find leads. Performing this manually is time-consuming, so it is best to put it in the hands of specialists and specific tools. And it is high time to take advantage of tools.

What is is a cold automation platform. It”s a unique all-in-one tool that gives users all the tools they need to reach prospects and improve conversion rates. The features offered by the service are:

Email Finder

Email Checker

Drip Campaigns

Email Tracker

The team has worked hard on the platform to modify it gradually. For now, they offer browser extensions for faster workflow and all tools in a single subscription plan. Email Finder Features

Domain name search:

With the help of, you can easily access emails containing employer names and positions in different fields. All you have to do is to type in the domain you are interested in and add email addresses to one of your prospect lists.

Bulk Domain search:

You can find email addresses in a list of domains that you already have on your PC or in the list you’ve recently found with Finder. Configure the options and click the Start Search button.


This feature allows you to find people and businesses on any web page, whether it”s a professional social network or a search engine. Simply configure the options (job title, skills, and locations) and perform a search.

Company Profiles: has analyzed organizations and includes a database of all registered emails for this company. If you need to gather contacts at Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP or any other business, Company Profile Search will help you.

Build prospect mailing lists with Email Finder helps you quickly capture the prospects email addresses, whether on the search page or on a profile page.

Here are the steps to follow:

Select search standards on LinkedIn or visit a specific person”s profile.

  1. Install Email Finder browser extension. Click the extension displays the names (or a name if you are on a personal profile page) in the drop-down list of the extension.
  2. Select the prospect name(s) in the checkbox, choose a list, click the Save Selected button, and click the Go to List button.
  3. You are transferred to a new tab with a list of prospects. You”ll find information about people: their names, their job, the company they work for, and their emails.Once you”ve built the prospect lists after easily collecting emails using people”s names, company names, LinkedIn, or several other options offered by, you”ll get lists.

Using the Campaigns tab on the main menu, start a campaign and send carefully designed emails that will give you a boost. comes as a break at a time when most email search tools are dying and disappearing or being disconnected and pushed into the water. has a nice interface, loads very fast, is intuitive to use and extremely efficient.

Try Email Finder and share in comments the impressions of using it. Email Verifier

When the list of email addresses is ready, it is not recommended to send emails to the right and left. All email marketers will tell you why: because mass emailing has far-reaching consequences and you will soon be blocked by the ESP. To avoid this, you need to check if the email addresses are real and active, and only then start the email campaign. Email Verifier checks large email lists in minutes (surely, if your list contains millions of email addresses, it will take longer). It also has a Chrome Email Verifier extension which you can get for free from the Chrome Web Store. The results are displayed on the prospect list page and each address is marked with a defined color:

  • Green means that the email address is valid and you can start sending messages to that person.
  • Red is invalid and you”d better remove it from the list.
  • The yellow color means that the service cannot get the right information. Therefore, in order not to fool you, it simply gives you an “unknown status”. And it”s up to you to send a message to this address or delete it.

Hover over the status and get detailed information about each email address. Price

Price always plays a vital role in choosing a service. The price structure of is quite affordable and attractive. All plans support exporting in CSV format. Most of features cost a credit. However, there are 0.5 and 2 credits. You can find this information in your account on the pricing page. benefits

To know why is better than other email finders and email verifying tools out there. You must know its benefits. Here is a list:

  1. All-in-one tool. You can not only search for contacts but also verify them and send messages easily. In comparison with other similar platforms, offers more tools under one roof.
  2. Browser Extensions. You do not need to install software on your computer and update it from time to time. Everything is developed for your convenience: browser extensions are easy to use and provide all the necessary information.
  3. Price. Compared to other services,”s price list is cheaper. The cheapest plan is only $29, and there is also a freemium.
  4. Signature-free Tracker extension. while other services add signatures or logos in the sent emails, does not.
  5. Easy drag-and-drop campaign builder. On a platform, you can create a triggered email campaign and compose emails without leaving the platform.

Verdict is an excellent platform for lead generation that will be suitable for anyone looking for prospects and those who want to automatically build the bridges with the prospects. The platform provides users with all the tools necessary for these purposes and, what is more, all they are available within freemium.


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