Storage Services Should Provide Peace of Mind

The storage industry is growing rapidly as individuals and businesses look for cost-effective ways to store everything from furniture to boats. There are several common reasons people use storage facilities.

  • Retail businesses often require a storage facility to store merchandise so that they can maintain a large stock.
  • When a loved-one dies, there is sometimes furniture and other items that need to be stored temporarily until other solutions are found.
  • Parents whose children have moved out of the family home may want to downsize their living accommodation and require storage for the extra furniture.
  • If a company goes out of business, they may need to store office equipment until it can be sold.
  • Military personnel may require storage for their possessions when they are transferred to a different place.
  • Businesses can store their records in a confidential and secure unit and have access to them every day.
  • Recreational vehicles may require storage during the months they are not in use.

Some storage facilities offer a wide range of safe and clean options that can be rented on a monthly basis.


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What to Expect From a Good Storage Service?

A good storage service will arrange 24/7 access to your stored items. When you want to move your things to a new home or office, they will arrange a driver and truck to help you. They will also pick up your items and take them to the facility. There are storage facilities where you only pay for the time you use. If you move out in the middle of a month, you don’t pay rent for the whole month. If the storage service offers a satisfaction guarantee or they will refund your money, there is a good chance the service has a high standard.

Vehicle storage facilities may include indoor or outdoor units, easy access to a highway, car covers, free jump-start or battery charging, access to the vehicle at any time of the day or night and easy access for boat trailers. If you need to store your car while you take an extended trip, the storage facility may offer transportation to and from the airport.

What are the Different Size Storage Containers?

Many people don’t know the size and type of storage container they need. The consultant at a facility will help you select the size and type of storage that is best for your things. Larger units cost more, so you should only pay for the amount of space you need.The size of storage units ranges from a small unit that is large enough to hold about one room of furniture plus miscellaneous boxes to very large units, which could hold a recreational vehicle, a truck, a boat or all the items in a two-bedroom house.

You can also select a heated or unheated unit. Heated units will always be warm, but if your items don’t require heat, such as books, clothes and documents, you can pay less for an unheated unit.


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