Technology Tips for the Aspiring Photographer

Being a photographer is all about visualizing your end result. But, to get to that end result, you need technique. And, you at least have the option of using technology to help you get to your goal. A lot of purist photographers will try and stay away from the newest thing, but if you”re really trying to improve your craft, then you want to embrace all the possibilities that modern technology has.

Within the field of photography, there are constant improvements that will help you move in this technologically-savvy direction. You need to learn how pixels work. You should embrace the cell phone revolution, as the cameras on newer mobile devices are fantastic. You should delve into the theory and application of image processing power, especially as relating to software. And, you can wait a little while before purchasing first-generation products in the photography field to let other people troubleshoot them first.


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Learn Your Pixels

Understanding computer imaging is vital to the modern photographer. Most of the high-end cameras these days are digital, and that means you need to understand how they are capturing images. Especially if you plan on printing your work later, an understanding of pixels, megapixels, resolution, and compression is a vital tool in your toolbox.

Embrace the Cellphone Revolution

If you look at the cell phones with the best cameras these days, they are phenomenal. It can be challenging to tell the difference between a photo shot from an iPhone and a shot from an extremely expensive DSLR. Knowing this, especially if you”re just getting into photography, it”s vital that you recognize the technique and theory behind good photos, even outside of what equipment you use to take them.

Dig Into Image Processing Power

After you take photos, there is the matter of processing them. If you research Adobe Photoshop, you”ll see just how powerful processing can be. Even if you aren”t altering the photo itself, knowing that you have all of these tools to fix lighting, color, texture, composition, and so on means that you can take your photographic vision to the next level, even without doing manipulation that changes the essence of an image.

Hit Pause on First Generation Purchases

It”s one thing to appreciate technology in photography. It”s another thing to go overboard. Just because something new comes out doesn”t mean you have to buy it right away. In many cases, it”s better to wait until the second generation of a kind of technology comes through, that way you are frustrated during the troubleshooting process. Especially if you”re a professional photographer, you don”t want to rely on technology that hasn”t been thoroughly tested and vetted yet. First generation technology is for experimenting as opposed to consistency.


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