Tips to Ensure Optimum Network Security in Workplace

This is an age of computer networks and the internet. The entire global operation is dependent on it, and things have become much easier these days. Be it communication or data storage; every single aspect can now be taken care of with the help of a couple of mouse clicks. However, there is an area of concern that needs to be addressed.

There are high chances that your network system might get intruded by hackers at any point in time. If you ever experience such a thing, then it can be an absolute disaster for you! Your entire system would go for a toss! Therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to make sure that you have a proper security mechanism in place to ensure that your network is safe and cannot be penetrated into. You need to create a realm of safety, which would keep all the harmful elements away from your system

Security Measures to Ensure Optimum Safety for your Network

When it comes to ensuring proper security for your network, there are a couple of important aspects which needs to be taken care of. Here are some of them


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  • Security Mechanism: You need to ensure that you have a strong and reliable security mechanism in place. Here are some of the options which you need to invest in
    • Firewall
    • Spam Filtering Applications
    • Anti-Virus Software
    • Systems to detect intrusion
    • Software that would block phishing
  • Security Software should be kept enabled: There is no point in investing security mechanism if it is not being managed efficiently. Make sure that your security system enables all the time. Besides, it is also important for you to ensure that your anti-virus application is being updated regularly with new signature files.  You can also use certain filtering applications that would prevent users from accessing certain websites.
  • Backup Mechanism: This is one of the most important areas which need to be taken care of. There has to be a proper backup mechanism in place. You never know when the hard drive of your server would crash. It can turn out to be an absolute disaster. In order to avoid such situations, make sure that you have an incremental backup mechanism configured in your system. This would ensure automatic and regular backup of your important data
  • Restrict Installation: This is another area which you need to take care of. Make sure that the users of your system do not have the privilege to install in a third-party application. You can do this either by denying them a ROM drive or disabling the USB ports from the BIOS. As far as the installation part is concerned, it should only be carried out by the system admin
  • Wifi Password: If you have a wifi running in your office, in that case, make sure that the password is not made public. It can be used by your employees on their mobile devices. The wifi password is to be managed and handled only by the admin.
  • Install a Monitoring System: Despite preventing access to certain websites, employees can use different types of proxies. In order to make sure that nothing of this sort is happening, you need to have a proper monitoring system in place that would provide a live feed to the admin. He would be able to monitor the on-screen activities of every single user, in real time

Apart from these, there are many other security measures which can be adopted. How far you are willing to go with it depends on your requirements.


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