What Tech Improves Law Enforcement Effectiveness?

When you start thinking about new technology, you think about all the different aspects of your life or society in general that it can help to improve. In these days especially, law enforcement is on a lot of people”s minds. So that might lead you to the natural thought process of considering what types of things technology brings to the table that could make law enforcement that much more effective.

Several examples can come to mind. New technology allows for gathering large amounts of data to help with law enforcement. New non-lethal force techniques and methods come along with new technology. Modern communications technology enables law enforcement to talk back and forth with each other or with the public at large more effectively. And, any technology that brings more efficient training processes to law enforcement is going to help out as well.


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Big Data Gathering

A lot of law enforcement deals with understanding statistics. Nowadays, law enforcement can gather big data to understand where crimes are being committed. With so many different data points available, they can potentially use the resources to lock into these crime centers and build up law enforcement right around that area. This is a great way to keep crime from happening in the first place.

Non-Lethal Force Tech

Another new technology that can help law enforcement officials do their jobs in different contexts is nonlethal force technology. Researchers and engineers are constantly looking for ways to give police tools to do their job without killing or injuring people. No one wants a personal injury suit against them. The more tools police have at their disposal to handle situations in the least damaging way possible, the higher the chance that a situation will resolve itself in a way that prevents death or tragedy.

Communications Technology

Improved communication technology also means that law enforcement officers can talk more quickly and effectively between themselves, and can also communicate with communities at large. With the onset of 5G technology, this should push the envelope even further when it comes to useful communication technology. Cell phones are a huge part of our lives these days, and law enforcement uses communication structures the same as everyone else. With improvements in cellular technology and Wi-Fi technology, this improves the chances of law enforcement officers handling situations appropriately and getting the word out.

More Efficient Training

Any technology that allows law enforcement to be trained more efficiently or more accurately and effectively is good for everyone. Consider that new technology allows for better training simulators for things like driving or even physical situations where they have to move into unfamiliar territory to resolve the situation. Technology that creates better simulations means that everyone who comes out of the training will be better prepared.


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