How to Sell Your Home Using the Latest Technology

Times have changed indeed when it’s come to buying and selling a home. Technology has provided an unprecedented ease of access.

Whether you’re an individual trying to sell a home or a professional agent, you should pay close attention to the new emerging technologies. They will add value to your home and ensure a much quicker sale. Here’s how.

Smart upgrades

This year the buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas focused on home automation and security and smart appliances. Companies such as IDT, mainstays in home security for decades,  released the Pulse home automation system a few years ago.

Using Internet technology, they upped the ante on this system by handing homeowners total remote control access over the web. Google just announced the purchase of NEST technology, which uses networking to render precise climate control and security in your home.


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Now there are mobile phone applications for just about every real estate purpose. Homesnaps allows users to take a picture of a residence from the curb and find online information about the property.

This app is great for seeking potential listings or helping a buyer find the perfect place. The results can be stored and shared as needed, so you have easy access later on.

For interiors, the MagicPlan app is great for mapping out the interior design for a home. To use the app, simply scan the inside of the structure using the camera on your phone or tablet. The app then draws a floor plan of the area and creates an editable image file.

This app can be quite handy to include in listings or for directing a contractor who is doing home improvements.

Listing on the web

Websites like Zillow are a great way not only to list and track the sale of a home; they’re also highly useful for gathering information on the surrounding neighborhood. provides an app for mobile devices that enables buyers and sellers to set up profiles.

It also assists people with the sale of multiple listings on a website. Users can save searches and even specific homes of interest so they can pull them up quickly at a later time. Direct contact with the listed agent is also available at the click of a button.

Listing a property on the web is an excellent way to use technology to sell a home; it’s steadily becoming the preferred way for buyers to shop around.

Going green

The depend for earth-friendly homes has never been greater. Green technology is becoming more efficient as well as affordable.

Many homeowners are adding water reclamation reservoirs and solar panels to their homes as a way of being not only be more eco-friendly but to save money on their home operating costs. There are dozens of ways for a home seller to make it residence more green. This creates greater value, but many of these improvements come with tax breaks as well.

Any kind of upgrade to a home can command a higher selling price. By using technology for both upgrades and in the process of selling a home, buyers are not only handed great value but shown it as well.


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